Trains Between Stations

India railway network covers over 65,000 km and houses more than 7,500 stations across the country. It is one of the largest railway networks in the world, with more than 10,000 passenger trains running between stations every day.   

It is necessary to get information on trains between stations, before travelling. The right side form will help you get all the necessary information about trains between stations. Just enter your source city and destination name to get a list of trains connecting the two cities.  

The IRCTC site allows for one to know about different information regarding train ticket booking and how they can get their own. Due to the vast network and number of people using the system, it can prove to be quite a problem. Knowing the trains between pair of stations cuts down on money as well as time in getting off and on at select railway stations. 

For example if one has to book a ticket from Chennai to Sabarimala by train, they can be rest assured of the different stops that come on the way by knowing about the different trains between stations.  

Vital for booking tickets: 

Getting information on the IRCTC train between stations allows for one to not only book their tickets in advance, but also know the timings and the availability of the trains. By doing so, it becomes simpler for one to get their tickets on time but also know about the different trains that ply from one station to another. By logging online, one can also search trains between stations.  

Getting to know the trains: 

Due to the large number of trains that are present, it must be important for one to know about the passenger trains between stations that ply on certain days of the week. By doing so, they will be able to exactly plan out their travel itinerary and save up on a lot of money later on.

It is also vital that they know about the different trains between important stations as sometimes, reaching a particular town will require for one to go through certain designated important stations before catching another connecting train. The Indian railways trains between station codes make it simpler for anybody who has to move from one station to another. By getting to know about these trains and their codes, one will be able to book their tickets accordingly.