Train Running Status


The Indian railway train status helps travellers to get access to the details of a train or a train journey. This facility helps the travellers in planning the journey ahead from the destination station or get to know the current position of the train. The train running status also gives a detailed timetable of the scheduled departure and arrival time at every station between the source and the destination. 

How to track live train running status?

Running train status can help you plan your trip better with the latest train updates and details. It is especially useful for planning a journey where you are hopping on and off from one train to the other. The online services of Indian Railways are quite robust and you do not have to wait in long queues to get the desired information. Travellers can track live train status, coach position, arrival and departure time, the exact location as well as the stopovers online.  

The status and desired details of the train can be obtained by looking for the details with the train name or number.  

Here's how you can get the train status on IRCTC’s website: 

IRCTC train running status

  • Visit the website of National Rail Enquiry system  
  • Enter the source and destination 
  • It will show you all the trains on that route 
  • Select a particular train and get the details 
  • It also gives information on the previous two stations the train has crossed, the next two stations and the arrival time at these stops 
  • You can also log on to train enquiry website to check the train running status  
  • Enter train number or train name, source, destination or a combination of these, Eg - trains from Delhi to Srinagar or Shatabdi express trains 
  • Select the train, select the station for which you want to know the running status of that train 

Train running status on mobile

The website for train enquiry is compatible with all smartphones and you can visit this website to check the running train status on mobile. Additionally, there are applications that provide the facility of checking the train status while on the go. These apps help you store the search information to access it at any time during your journey.  

The mobile friendly website and applications provide great convenience in managing the booking and searching for the train availability from a source to the destination station. Travellers can use the quick action facility in case they miss the train. You can get real-time updates and track a train on the mobile-friendly websites offering this service, which work on all mobile platforms.  

For cancellation and refund, you can use the mobile app or the website to cancel a ticket and process the refund. Based on your journey schedule and the availability of connecting trains, you can book a train ticket on the move.