Train Schedule

A train schedule is a timetable, which lists out the trains and details about their arrival and departure from specified locations or stations. It may show all the train details at a particular location or all details on a particular route. 

The train schedule lists important information about the train and the train journey. Details pertaining to the train number, train name, source station, destination station, the number of stops and the halt duration are provided with the train schedule.  

How to check the train schedule? 

To get the details of your train journey with train enquiry, you can visit the official IRCTC website. The train timetable can be obtained by entering the train number or train name. Additionally, there are many websites that provide Indian railway train schedules. You can also get the details of a train by enquiring at the railway station.  

Few websites providing train timetable enlist these details with a list of trains. The desired train can be selected from this list to get the details of the train schedule.  

Checking multiple train details 

The IRCTC train schedule provides information about the trains running between the stations. The train timings and its complete itinerary have made the processing of booking a train ticket easy with online services for passengers boarding a connecting train from the destination station.  

Get detailed train schedule 

To get a detailed schedule of the train you are travelling in, you can search for the train schedule with the date of travel, source and destination of travel, station name and train name or number.  

Follow the below-mentioned steps on IRCTC website to get the train schedule ?  

  • Click on the tab ?Enquiries? 
  • Click on the tab ?Find train schedule? 
  • Enter the train number and hit search 

Information on the time table 

The timetable consists of important train and journey information like the station code, station name, arrival and departure time, halt time, distance and the duration of travel. These details help the travellers in planning the journey appropriately. You can get the train schedules for passenger trains or Shatabdi express trains. The timetable is available online for many popular trains from Bangalore to Shirdi, trains from New Delhi to Kashmir and many more.