Tips To Book Tatkal Tickets Quickly

Tatkal Ticket Booking - Tips & Tricks

Preferable internet service providers

Use non-MTNL or BSNL net connection as these are the most preferred service provider's, traffic on IRCTC site from these servers will be heavy & probably ruin your chances of booking a Tatkal ticket successfully.

Use different Browsers at the same time
  • Create multiple user account or borrow your friend's User Id and open them in multiple browsers such as Opera, Chrome & Mozilla, because you can only book 2 Tatkal tickets at a time per User Id in the window period of 10 am to 11 am. 
  • It will be a problem if you have to book more than 2 Tatkal tickets so, after booking 2 tickets in one user Id you can just login with the other User Id & book the remaining Tatkal tickets. 
Synchronise your clock & Login before 10 am
  • Synchronise your computer clock with the IRCTC time, even a delay of 1 min can put you in a waitlist, as most of the successful bookings are done in the first few minutes.
  • Always try to log in before 10 am preferably at 9.55 am and also try to keep the session active by performing some activity because if you leave the screen idle for more than 3 minutes your session will expire and you will have to Login again.
Details at hand
  • Keep all the details handy like Id card numbers, credit card numbers etc.
  • You can type them on a note pad before you start booking and copy-paste the in the form when needed and it is always recommended to enter the station code instead of the station names, as it would save time while trying to find Trains.
  • If you don't know the station codes you can just find it out before starting the booking process.
Use Auto fill options in your browser
  • Autofill options can be applied for browsers as an add-on or an extension, so that you need not type the details again while booking a Tatkal ticket it will probably save a lot of time while filling the passenger details if you have to fill more than one detail
  • To save details in the autofill you can go to before 10 am and try booking the same ticket using normal booking and not Tatkal.
  • Fill up the details and go till the payment option gateway, do not make payment just cancel and leave. Your browser would remember the details that were entered before and fill it up in the form as soon as you click the first letter or if you are a frequent traveller you can create a master list of Passengers in the options available in the right side of the page and select passenger details from it.
How to use Auto fill
  • Add autofill & allow right click extension to your browser from the list of Add-ons, after logging to the IRCTC website Right Click and "Add rules for this form" in sub-menu of Autofill.   
Miscellaneous tips
  • Do not press back or refresh button, as all the data you entered will be cleared or you will be logged out & most of the time you will get a service unavailable message. By the time you log in and enter the details again there will be no available tickets.
  • If you are get 'service unavailable' message at any stage, just keep on refreshing until the page finally loads, unless you get a 'javascript' alert window at this stage you can?t do anything, so you will have to login again.
  • Do not click on any link twice in the payment option, as you will be logged out.