Indian Railway/IRCTC Timetable

Indian Railway timetable is a list of the times different trains are scheduled to arrive and depart from a specified station. With the introduction of the online train timetable, the process of getting information and booking train tickets has become easier. 

The site that is generally used to book a ticket on the Indian railways is the IRCTC which stands for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. For those who travel on the Indian Railways, there are a few things that they must have in check in order to get their tickets booked in a faster way as well as confirming them.  

Getting ahead of the line: 

One of the important things that one needs to know when they are booking trains such as the Garib Rath Trains and the Duronto Express Trains, is the railway time table. This is one of the most important things to note because otherwise it could prove to be a problem if one misses their stop. Some stations get trains to a particular destination only once every two days, so make sure that you have the train time table memorised at least to the basic timings of the trains. 

Online time table: 

For one to book tickets, it is now possible to also look at the Indian Railways time table. This allows for one to easily also access and download it so that they can refer to their train time table easily.  

Advantages of booking online: 

Another major advantage that one has when they book online is the fact that not only do they not have to stand in a long queue, they can get live updates. By live updates, a person can see the different trains and their live running status. 

So by getting the central railway time table, one will also be able to find out where a particular train is present - which station it is present in, how late it is as well as other details regarding the train and its schedule and plan accordingly. 

Also, if there is any change in the schedule or timings, it will reflect online in a new train time table that is updated regularly. So according to what is required, one will be able to get themselves quickly acquainted with the time table. 

Specific train time tables: 

Even if someone wishes to find out the time table for certain specific trains, it can be done easily with the help of the IRCTC site. For example, the Duronto Express time table and the Sampark Kranti express time table can both be easily viewed online. By getting the schedules, one will be able to easily adjust their travel itineraries.  

If you live in a zone that has a Rajdhani Express, you can also get a Rajdhani Express time table that will allow you to plan your travel on it easily.  

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