Railway Station Codes

Indian railway network is one of the one of the largest in the world, which houses more than 7,500 stations across the country. With trains from Bangalore to Wayanad, and trains from Chennai to Sabarimala, the different trains available are aplenty. It would be really difficult to identify a station just by using its name, since a particular city or village could house multiple railway stations.  

Railway station codes contain vital information regarding the different stations and their information. These IRCTC railway station codes make it much easier for anybody to purchase their tickets and find out the stations from which they need to be getting on and off from. Station codes are great for differentiating ones that are close by and thus making it much simpler to book one's tickets online. 

To make the identification easier every railway station across the country is given a unique code, usually abbreviated from its name or similar. To find a particular station code follow the steps below. Southern railway station codes contain information regarding some of the most prominent and busiest as well as smaller stations in and around South India. Due to a large number of stations available in the area, differentiating them with the help of the codes makes it easier.  

One can also garner information about the different railway station codes Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh have.  

By knowing the different station codes, one can get information on almost all the passenger trains that are present in the list of railway stations in India. The Indian railway station codes are excellent for anybody who wants to travel from one state to another.

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