Railway Reservation

Indian Railway reservation has never been easier. Travellers can book tickets online or at any Indian railway reservation centre across India. The reach of Indian railways is huge and it connects numerous stations across the country, such as trains from Bangalore to Mantralayam and trains from Delhi to Nainital, making it the most economical and convenient option to travel. 

Train reservation 

Travellers can book tickets online or at any Railway reservation counter at railway stations and avail their train reservations. Railway stations across stations in India have different counters, which sell tickets for trains under quotas and classes. The reservation can be under quotas be it sleeper class, AC or the general compartment. By filling up a railway reservation form too, it is possible for one to get their ticket booked. The Indian railway reservation availability depends on different factors through which one can get their tickets booked. One needs to be aware of the different railway reservation timings in order to book their tickets on time. Once you book your ticket, make sure that you have your railway reservation PNR status safe for your travel. 

Online train reservation 

The IRCTC website allows people to book tickets online conveniently. While booking, travellers are informed about the seat availability in a particular train and they can make their online travel reservation accordingly. Once a passenger has confirmed and reserved a seat, they are fully entitled to the same from the starting point of the journey to their destination. It is easy for one to book their ticket via online railway reservation and save up on a lot of time. Once you book your ticket, you can also find your railway reservation status online. 

Reservation types 

During the process of railway ticket booking, passengers might either get either waitlisted tickets, RAC or a confirmed ticket. The railway reservation seat availability depends on various factors. A waitlisted ticket has a number attached to it and it might move up the order as and when other passengers travelling on the same train cancel their tickets. An RAC ticket is Reservation Against Cancellation. The ticket gives travellers the option to board the train but not a reserved berth. There are different zones that for which one can book their tickets. For the South zone, it is divided into the southern railway reservation as well as the south central railway reservation zones that make it easier for one to book their tickets. 

Railway reservation enquiry 

Travellers can go online and visit the Indian railways or IRCTC website and check their reservation status by using their PNR number. To submit your railway reservation enquiry: 

  • Log in to indianrail.gov.in. Enter PNR number printed on the ticket and get details on reservation 
  • Log in to irctc.co.in. Enter PNR number printed on the ticket and get details on reservation 
  • Passengers can also check the reservation chart pasted on each coach of the train that contains details of passengers i.e. their name, age, coach number, seat number and status of reservation 
  • If one is booking by Tatkal, booking during the time slot provided is mandatory, otherwise tickets will not be available for purchase 

Do's and Don'ts for passengers: 

  • It is important that passengers have a confirmed ticket before they enter their trains because otherwise they are liable to pay a fine and/or leave the train 
  • The railway reservation system works on a first come/first serve basis, so whoever is booking their tickets, must be on time  
  • Arriving on time for the train is important if anybody is looking for any last minute ticket purchases for short distances