IRCTC Login Guide

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) is a platform where travellers can book railway tickets online. It also provides catering services and carries out its functions under the Railway Ministry based on a public-private partnership model. With IRCTC online, one does not have to worry about having to travel to the station in order to book their tickets. One can also get to know about the IRCTC train fare with the help of the online site and adjust accordingly. 

IRCTC Registration 

Travellers can register on IRCTC for free. However, they are required to submit a valid mobile number and email ID at the time of registration. The registration allows users to get book tickets online through and information on latest tourism packages provided by IRCTC. One can also get to know their IRCTC train enquiry online with the help of the site. 

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking also offers travellers the option of booking tickets under the tatkal quota. As per the tatkal scheme of IRCTC, passengers can book tickets under the tatkal quota only one day in advance (not including the date of the journey). Also, only four passengers under one IRCTC PNR status can help one to book tickets under the tatkal quota. Another important element is the passenger photo ID and at least one passenger should carry a valid ID during the journey. 

IRCTC Login Page 

Click here to login on IRCTC Website - 

IRCTC online booking & reservation offers a simple and convenient way for passengers to book tickets online. It offers two kinds of tickets i.e. e-ticket and i-ticket. The e-ticket is booked online and the passenger can take the print out while the i-ticket is also booked online but the print out is couriered to the user. One can also get to know about the IRCTC running status enquiry online. 

At the time of booking, travellers have to - 

  • Login using their username and password 
  • Select the cities they are travelling from and to 
  • Select either the e-ticket or i-ticket option 
  • Select the quota/class (for eg: general, sleeper class, AC etc.) 
  • Select the boarding point of their journey 
  • Enter personal details such as name, age, sex, berth preference and if a senior citizen, have to check in a box provided in the booking form as senior citizens are entitled to special discounts 
  • Once all the details are entered, the system will provide the traveller with their ticket details, the price and the IRCTC availability 
  • Based on all these details, the travellers can make the payment using credit cards, a credit EMI option, direct debit or debit cards 

IRCTC cancellation of e-tickets 

  • For e-tickets, cancellation can be online but before the reservation chart has been prepared, which is ideally at least 4 hours before the departure of the train 
  • A cancellation fee is deducted and the money is credited back the account the payment was made from 
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled after the reservation chart has been prepared 
  • There is no refund on confirmed tatkal tickets. On waitlisted tatkal tickets, a cancellation fee is charged 

IRCTC cancellation of i-tickets 

  • I-tickets can be cancelled by passengers at any computerised railway reservation centre. Refund will be credited directly the card/account 
  • Like e-tickets, i-tickets can be cancelled four hours before the departure of the train at the railway station. They can be cancelled after the departure of the train too, which differs according to the distance of the journey 

IRCTC PNR status 

The PNR status or Passenger Name Record is a unique ID number for every ticket booked when travelling through Indian Railways. The number is printed on the top left corner of every ticket. To know the status of bookings and cancellations, passengers can log on to the IRCTC website and get details about their bookings using the PNR number. The IRCTC Tatkal service can be used for those who wish to book tickets on an emergency or on a train where they do not have a confirmed ticket. 

With different trains such as the Garib Rath trains as well as the Duronto present for those who wish to purchase their tickets, booking them online is the best way to go about it.