Indian Railways - System and Network

There are different zones and divisions of Indian railways in the Indian Railways System through which they are differentiated. The Indian railway zones have trains allotted to them to access the stations in that area.  

With a huge number of railroad stations the nation over, Indian Railways is the principal choice for exchange of products and people. The train routes for these zones can be viewed in their own zonal website, making it easier. Train ticket bookings too can be done in a simple manner. 

One can take a look at the Indian railway zonal map and find out which zone they are in.

The rundown of real Indian Railway Zones are:  

Northern Indian Railways: The NIR is one of the more seasoned zones in the nation. The base of this zone is in New Delhi.  

Central Indian Railways: The Central Indian Railways has been known as the most prepared Indian Railway Zones in the nation. It is thought to be the biggest of more than 16 zones that exist in the nation.  

Eastern Indian Railways:  The Eastern Railway zone is a standout amongst the most crucial Indian Railway zones. The ER has its focal station in Kolkata. The Zone is isolated further into four divisions for better working - these divisions incorporate Mald, Howrah, Asansol and Sealdah.  

Western Indian Railways: This zone is the busiest rail system in the nation. The central command of Western Indian Railway is arranged in the city of Bombay.  

Southern Indian Railways: The Southern Railway zone was the principal zone that was made after freedom from British oppression. It was built up on April 14, 1951. Trains from Delhi to Shirdi can be found in this zone.  

One can also find out about the Indian railway zone details online. 

These are the most utilised Railways in India - 

Rajdhani and Duronto Express Trains: Duronto Express is a point to point rail administration.  

Shatabdi Trains: The Shatabdi Express trains is a collection of rapid trains that bridges different critical urban areas of the nation. There are a few traveller places and business focuses in which travellers can reach effortlessly through Shatabdi Express. Trains from Delhi to Jaipur are an example of these kind of trains. 

Janshatabdi Trains: Janshatabdi Express Trains are a progression of rapid trains. The quick moving trains connects different critical urban communities of the nation.  

Garibrath Trains and Yuva Trains: This express Train offers a completely Air conditioned (cooled) rail for those who can't bear the cost of exorbitant charges of completely AC and luxurious trains.