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Flight delays, reschedule and cancellation is quite possible and are situations sometimes not in the control of flight operators. Indigo Airlines has a well-defined policy regarded issues related to flight delay, reschedule and cancellation.

When flight ticket is booked, the customer is asked to provide correct contact details and contact number which is SMS-compatible. In case of any of the above mentioned cases, the airline will notify the customer in advanced on the provided contact number. The policies mention that a passenger providing incorrect contact details will not receive any compensation. In case a flight is delayed by 2 to 3 hours, compensation will not be provided. If the delayed time of flight is more than 2 to 3 hours, a passenger can either seek a refund or credit for future travel. He/She also has the option of booking an alternative flight if flights or seats are available.

Indigo Airlines has a policy for passengers whose subsequent flight has been cancelled when the passenger is in transit. In this case, the customer can either choose to remain at transit station or return to the point of origin. In the first case, the customer can seek for a partial refund for cancelled part of journey or simply rebook an alternative flight of the airline without having to pay any extra amount. In the second case, the customer can either seek refund, credit for future travel or just rebook an alternate flight at no extra cost.

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