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GoAir PNR & Flight Status

GoAir's flight and PNR status lets a passenger find basic info related to his/her flight. PNR refers to the Passenger Name Record Status. With the help of this number, a person can get the real time PNR status of flight booking and also find out if the passenger's seat is confirmed or not. Also, you can check the arrival and departure timings of flight.

GoAir PNR Status

To find the PNR status, a passenger has to go through a few simple steps. Fist he/she will have to visit the site http://www.goair.in/Ftrack/Ftrackgo.aspx and submit some basic details required to get the PNR status. Another way is to simply call a helpline number and go through a few steps to know the status.

GoAir Flight Status

GoAir's official site also allows people to check his/her flight status. With the help of this, a passenger can find out the real time arrival, departure and delay status of your flight.

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