Air Asia Cancellation Policy

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AirAsia Cancellation

After the full payment of a reservation fare is made, a booking number is issued and the booking of a seat is confirmed. Once the seat gets confirmed, it is not possible to cancel the booking or get money refunded. In case a passenger misses a flight because of personal delay and failing to board plane on time, the airline will not pay a refund of the amount. Terms and Conditions of AirAsia clearly state that once a reservation is made and money has been paid, no refund will be made if you choose to cancel the reservation.

In case a flight is cancelled by AirAsia because of reasons such as inclement weather, there are policies regarding the situation. In this case, the passenger can go for either of the two options:

  • A passenger can choose to catch an alternative flight arranged by the airline or simply catch the next flight to his/her destination.
  • A customer can also seek to save the fare amount as credit and use it anytime within 3 months from the time of cancellation to book flights of AirAsia.

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