Bangalore to Visakhapatnam by Car

Bangalore to Visakhapatnam distance is 1009 kms and its takes approx 16 hrs. Bus & Train are the other modes of transport that travellers use to reach Visakhapatnam from Bangalore. View all modes.

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Vehicle Approx. Fare/Km (Rs) Approx. Cost (Rs)
Tata Indica 8 6384
Toyota Qualis 9 7182
Chevrolet Tavera 9 7182
Tata Indica A/C 10 7980
Toyota Qualis A/C 10 7980
Suzuki WagonR A/C 10 7980
Hyundai Santro 10 7980
Skoda Superb 12 9576
Tempo Traveler 13 10374
Chevrolet Tavera A/C 13 10374
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Journey Reviews


Rajesh, Bangalore,
6 Reviews | 3 Views

A nice long drive

Feb 2, 2016
Mode of Transport: Car

Long Drive Alto 800 Bangalore - Visakhapatnam (Narsipatnam) - Hyderabad - Bangalore.

Most of the people might be in Dilemma that whether we can use Alto for long drive or not and here is my personal experience. We have covered many places during my Christmas vacation in 2015. Totally we have covered 2720 Km road way in a week time.

Totally we are 3 people travelled from Bangalore with 4 big luggage bags. (Car is fully packed :) )

Our memorable long journey started on 24-Dec-2015 at 2:30 PM from electronic city Phase 1. Due to the long weekend and Milad in ubi festival there was a pathetic traffic in city and it tool almost 2:30 Hrs to reach the outs cuts of the city. After pathetic escape from traffic we reached Hoskote toll gate at 5PM. From there almost maintained the average speed of 60-70 Km/Hr reached Tirupati at 8:45 PM and stayed at Hotel Raj Park. Hotel was good and located in nice place with good scenic location, but food was pathetic. Better not to choose food at this hotel.

25-Dec-2015, after complimentary breakfast from hotel, started at 8:45AM and headed towards Vijayawada. There are very less petrol pumps in NH5 (Tirupati - Nellore), so better keep enough oil in the tank and better not to take risk. After having difficulty in finding the petrol pumps we got one at Kavali and filled the tank and started. There was no break between Tirupati and Kavali. Just had 15 mins Break and started and around 2 we reached Ongole and took 40 Mins Lunch Break and started back and reached Vijayawada around 4:30 and there was a traffic from Vijayawada to Hanuman junction and drove very slowly. Around 7:30 we reached Ravulapalem and headed towards Atreyapuram (A house of Special Andhra sweets like Putharekulu, Different Jelly's etc. ) Drive was too good as one side its River Godavari and other side Coconut trees and green fields. Night stayed at Atreyapuram

26-Dec-2015 Morning went for Godavari River Bath and visited nearest temples Ryali (Jaganmohini kesava swamy) and Vadapalli which is also known as Konaseema Tirupathi and returned back to Home.

27-Dec-2015 Started trip to Konaseema (Amalapuram) in morning and visited Vanapalli (Goddess Pallalamma), Ainavilli Lord Ganapathi and Kshana Mukteswaram and reached Amalapuram and night stayed at Amalapuram at my in laws House.

28-Dec-2015 - Complete break for me and my car.

29-Dec-2015 - Visited Vadapalli Lord Venkateswara swami temple and Pasarlapudi Lanka Temple and reached back to Amalapuram.

30-Dec-2015 - Started at 8AM and reached Visakhapatnam (Narsipatnam) by 1PM. Successfully reached my destination after my long drive.

31-Dec-2015 - Visited Eti koppaka (Land of wooden toys) and did the shopping.

01-Jan-2016 - After Successful New Year celebrations started from Narsipatnam at 9:30 AM and reached Chandanagar Hyderabad at 8PM. I took only 2 breaks in the middle one after crossing Vijayawada around 30 Mins for lunch and after crossing suryapet coffee break for 20 Mins. Roads are in very good condition and you can maintain good speed based on your vehicle capacity. Alto I maintained 80 Km/Hr.

03-Jan-2016 - Started from Hyderabad at 8AM and reached Bangalore Electronic city at 8PM. It was completely sunny and got irritated sometimes. We can't find any good hotels to have food. We found some hotel after crossing the Kurnool and took almost 45 Mins break for lunch. After Gutty it was too hot and unable to drive the vehicle. We reached Anantapur and there was a Iskon temple constructed newly and had a break for 30 Mins and started again and reached bangalore.

Below are the toll gates Information between my journey.

Toll Gates Between Bangalore - Visakhapatnam (Narsipatnam)

1. Reached my 1st Tollgate Electronic city BETL which costs you Rs 45

2. Hoskote - 17 Rs

3. Mulbagal - 66 Rs

4. Karnataka - AP Border 20.

5. After reaching AP border road was not in good condition and mostly its single road and very dangerous (Its 4th Dangerous high way as per the local people interacted). There are some small ghat sections at Palamaner and we have to be very careful while driving. You should be very cautious and careful while driving from Karnataka border to Naidupeta. Mostly night time it's very difficult as heavy vehicle drivers will come with high beam lights.

6. Till Naidupet its single road and No toll gates.

7. There are many toll plazas in Nellore District. After entering into NH5 Buddhanam (Nellore Dist) toll plaza welcomes with 35 Rs.

8. Nellore Swarna Toll Plaza 25 Rs

9. Nellore Simhapuri toll plaza 45 Rs.

10. After crossing Nellore District Prakasam District Simhapuri toll plaza welcomes with 70 Rs.

11. Another Prakasam District Simhapuri Toll Plaza charged 70 Rs.

12. Reached Krishna District Vijayawada Toll plaza with 85 Rs.

13. Vijayawada Pottipadu toll plaza with 20 Rs.

14. Vijayawada Gundugolanu toll plaza with 20 Rs.

15. Finally Entered into Godavari Dist and Unguturu (New toll plaza) welcomes with 55 Rs.

16. Ethakota Toll plaza paid 55 Rs.

17. KVaran Toll Plaza paid 75 Rs.

Finally reached my native after paying 703 Rs.

Toll Gates Between Visakhapatnam (Narsipatnam) - Hyderabad

1. After starting from Narsipatnam 1st Toll gate Kvaran (Nr Jaggampeta) welcomes with 75.

2. Ethakota Toll plaza paid 55 Rs

3. Unguturu Toll Plaza Paid 55 Rs.

4. Kalaparru Toll gate paid 20 Rs.

5. Pottipadu Toll gate paid 20 Rs.

6. Swarna Tollway Krishna Dist and paid 50 Rs.

7. GMR Hyderabad Vijayawada Express way paid 75 Rs.

8. GMR Hyderabad Vijayawada Express way paid 90 Rs.

9. GMR Hyderabad Vijayawada Express way paid 60 Rs.

10. Finally reached Hyderabad and entered in Nehru Outer ring road and reached Chandanagar and paid 60 Rs.

Reached Hyderabad and paid the toll gate amount of 560

Toll Gates between Hyderabad - Bangalore.

1. Entered into Nehru outer ring road Hyderabad and reached Bangalore Highway and paid 20 Rs.

2. Jadcherla Expressways - 58 Rs.

3. L&T Western Andhra toll ways - 56 Rs.

4. Pullur Tollgate - 90 Rs.

5. Kamepalli Toll Plaza - 85 Rs.

6. Amakathadu Toll Plaza - 90 Rs.

7. Marur Toll Plaza - 95 Rs.

8. Bagepalli Toll Plaza - 80 Rs.

9. Navayuga Devanahalli Toll Plaza - 80 Rs.

10. BETL Electronic city Flyover - 45 Rs.

Back to Origin and paid the toll gate amount of 699 Rs.

Finally total Petrol Consumed 9505. 36 Rs and Toll gates paid 1962 and totally spent 11467. 36 which are lesser than Bus charges for 3 people. :)

    • Car Type:
    • Hatchback
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Accomodation
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Route Taken:
    • AH 45/NH 5
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