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About MST

About Mizoram State Transport

In 1972, the Mizoram government established the Supplies & Transport Department for the region's transport needs. Mizoram State Transport or MST was formed on June 4, 1987, when the transport department was divided into two departments.

MST connects rural and urban parts of Mizoram. The bus service provides concessions to senior citizens who belong to Mizoram.

Mizoram State Transport Online Booking

Spot booking of tickets can be done at the bus station. Travellers can also book tickets in advance, albeit only on a few routes. In case of MST, travellers need to book bus tickets a week before the date of journey. The bus service also offers the option to book bus tickets online.

Mizoram State Transport: Bus Types

MST has a fleet strength of more than 60 buses, which cover close to 30 bus routes. The fleet comprises ordinary, mini and deluxe buses.

Popular Routes of Mizoram State Transport

MST covers various regions in Mizoram including Lunglei, Silchar, Biate, Marpara, Khuangthing, Kanhmun, Farkawn, Mimbung, Saipum, Vaitin, Hnahlan, Khawbung, Khawlek, Sailulak, Guwahati & Saiha.

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