Kolkata to Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram) by Bus

Kolkata to Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram) distance is 2383 kms and its takes approx 35 hrs. 33% travellers prefer car/cab. Bus & Train are the other modes of transport that travellers use to reach Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram) from Kolkata. View all modes.

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"Trivandrum Airport connectivity was not good and very congested "

Posted 23 Sep

Travelled by: Flight

Travelled as: Couple

The reason why I chose this airline is that it has got the new flights, timings are appropriate along with its connectivity. The IndiGo crew are the best to their duties and warming characters. Kolkata was my boarding airport and is very changed as compared to the previous one as it’s much spacious and pretty clean rated airport to the date. Trivandrum was the destination airport and was not like Kolkata Airport, connectivity was not good. It was a very congested airport with limited facilities.



"It was a long and exhausting train journey "

Posted 16 Aug

Travelled by: Train

Travelled as: Solo

Honestly it was long, exhausting and the Godavari festival in Rajahmundry didn't help either. The train starts from Shalimar at 11 Pm and it is supposed to reached after two nights at around 8.30 Pm but instead I reached there at 2 Am. Luckily pre-paid auto's are available 24 x 7 from the Station.




"Good roads and nice scenery enroute"

Posted 4 Jan

Travelled by: Car

Travelled as: Family

My overall travel experience was good, except the Hotel stay i.e. Hotel JAS in Trivandrum. Horrible staying experience. I hired a Cab from Alleppey to Trivandrum and it took around 3 hours to reach the place. Overall travel experience was very good. Good roads and nice scenery.

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