Kargil to Ladakh (Leh) by Bus

Kargil to Ladakh (Leh) distance is 202 kms and its takes approx 4 hrs. Bus & Train are the other modes of transport that travellers use to reach Ladakh (Leh) from Kargil. View all modes.

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Journey Reviews

Donarun Das

Donarun, Hyderabad,
213 Reviews | 20 Views

Lucky to get a seat

Apr 9, 2014
Mode of Transport: Bus

I had no plans to travel to Leh. After reaching Kargil, and meeting up with new found friends, an impromptu plan was made to go to Leh. Lucky for me the bus did have a seat empty (the very seat I came to Kargil on). The journey was a lot different from the first leg, with now a barren desolate landscape covering our views compared to the snow from the previous day.

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    • Non-AC
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