Hyderabad to Chitradurga by Bus

Hyderabad to Chitradurga distance is 503 kms and its takes approx 9 hrs. Bus & Train are the other modes of transport that travellers use to reach Chitradurga from Hyderabad. View all modes.

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Journey Reviews

Rajesh Bhosle

Rajesh, Hyderabad,
2 Reviews

Bus service is excellent

Jan 11, 2016
Mode of Transport: Bus

I have travelled in KSRTC Bus service from Hyderabad to Anantapur. Needless to say that Bus service is excellent. Normally wherever KSRTC bus service is available I prefer to go by it. They have very good connectivity even in all adjacent states. Punctuality, cleanliness is really worth admiring.

    • Bus Type:
    • Non-AC
    • This bus has:
    • TV/Entertainment
    • Comfortable seats
    • Blanket
    • Water Bottle
    • Charging Point
    • Reading Light
Vijay Z

Vijay, Hyderabad,
2 Reviews | 6 Views

Hyderabad to Chitradurga (travel options)

Oct 27, 2014
Mode of Transport: Bus

I travelled to Chitradurga (CTA) using SRE Travel services. This was a non AC bus and was the only direct mode of transport to CTA, it looked tidy, a bit old in condition and quite noisy. It started at 5:30 pm at Kachiguda and reached CTA by morning 6:30 am. Though the distance is around 500 km, it was a tiresome travel of 13 odd hours where the bus stopped quite often for loading and unloading transport goods.

There are no charging points and the only place you can charge is near Jadcherla where they stop for a dinner break. No food/water service either.

My advice for travellers is to consider alternate travel routes.

1. Via Bellary- Board a train till Bellary and there on take up local bus to CTA (2-3 hrs)

2. Via Bengaluru-
a)Travel overnight by train till SBC Majestic Bangalore and board AC Airavat bus to CTA that goes on the Pune express highway (3-4 hrs from Majestic).
b) Travel by AC bus (sleeper) till Majestic and board into AC bus.
c) Take a flight and take up an airport shuttle to Majestic and board AC bus.

3. Via Davanagere- Take SRE AC bus till Davanagere, though not a sleeper as it's quiet comfy and from DVG take a local bus (1-2 hr to CTA).

It all depends on why and with whom you are travelling?

Before my marriage, I travelled by direct non AC SRE bus to CTA.

After marriage, I travelled via Bangalore/Bellary AC sleeper bus and there by travelled by local buses.

After my baby was born, I preferred travelling by flight to Bengaluru and there on took Airavat AC bus.

My advice is - carry your own blanket and keep the mobile charged well. SRE bus sucks but it is the last alternative if all other modes are not feasible.

    • Bus Type:
    • Non-AC
    • This bus has:
    • TV/Entertainment
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