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Delhi to Tamil Nadu distance is 2449 kms and its takes approx 41 hrs. Bus & Train are the other modes of transport that travellers use to reach Tamil Nadu from Delhi. View all modes.

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Naresh Iverson

Naresh, Chennai,
1 Review | 6 Views

Good roads and free Wi-Fi in the bus

Nov 29, 2014
Mode of Transport: Bus

My wife and I was travelling from Delhi to Chennai to visit the pilgrimage spot. The time we were in the bus was really enjoyable. When reached Chennai and the climate was hot over there and was little disturbing but the ROADS were really nice. We were feeling as if we were travelling in FLIGHT. We have been provided with headset and Wi-Fi in the bus. We too had a TV in front of us. It was very useful for spending our time relaxing and watching. The bus even stopped at important hotels like Hotel Saravana Bhavan. We were vegetarians,so we thought we would be having some problems regarding food. But they stopped in vegetarian hotel. This surprised us a lot. Totally the entire travel was really enjoyable and we had a nice experience of pleasure travel. Thanks to Parveen travels.

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