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Island Hopping or Discovering Hidden Lakes- What’s Your Offbeat Travel Story? wikimedia

Island Hopping or Discovering Hidden Lakes- What's Your Offbeat Travel Story?

With the advent of 21st century, people have started looking at travel as a way of life. There’re more passionate travellers than ever and they all have a story to tell. While mainstream tourist places still enjoy their share of tourists, the new age travellers want to think outside the box and explore places that are relatively less known.

Destinations that were once hidden and unheard of are now seeing a host of travellers looking forward to uncovering their secrets. While a simple trip to the most famous destinations of the world is still a dream for many, you can choose the road not taken. Be a trendsetter- go offbeat to experience the unique joys of travelling!

This vacation, experience a destination in a new way with Citibank. Here are some destinations that will guarantee you a never-before experience!

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Get spellbound by  the surreal landscape of Faroe Islands! wikimedia

With a scenery straight out of you dreams and probably those impossibly gorgeous nature painting you see, Faroe Islands makes you want to pinch yourself repeatedly to check whether it’s just a dream or the reality! So, instead of paying the Little mermaid of Copenhagen a visit, you could enjoy the local and world famous breweries of Faroe Island amidst stunning scenery!

With waterfalls dropping directly into the ocean and an idyllic setting of lush landscape, this is a place where you can get lost and never want to be found! Now enjoy attractive cashback on international flights and hotels with Citi cards, every Saturday. Be in the middle of nowhere and experience something you haven’t before, for real this time!

Discover the fabled Grecian Underworld at Gorges du Verdon! wikimedia

Everyone knows about the world famous museums and architecture of France, few are aware of the secrets France hides, like this stunning gorge, which is definitely one of the most beautiful natural gorges on the planet. The gorge is surrounded by Alps and you can explore it by boating, kayaking or even mountain climbing!
Definitely not an experience for the faint of heart, this will be something you’d cherish forever! The Styx du Verdon here is believed to be one of the few passages to the Underworld from Earth, in Grecian mythology.

In search of Dragon’s Blood in Socotra! wikimedia

You don’t need to be alarmed as there are no real dragons we’re sending you in pursuit of. Just this alien looking plant called Dragon’s Blood, that grows in an outlandish landscape in a very alien looking place called Socotra.
Straight out of those dystopian sci-fi movies, the colourful and weird world of Socotra holds a million secrets that even scientists are working their way through! Just south of Yemen is this archipelago of four islands in the far West Indian Ocean which makes reality appear stranger than fiction! Do, ditch the usual Yemen cultural trail and pack your bags for Socotra!

Probably the best sight on the planet- Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland wikimedia

One would normally associate Iceland with glaciers and Viking history but few are aware of this hidden gem. Yes, for a change, you can be assured that being called ‘one of the greatest sites on the planet’ is not a hyperbole for these waterfalls!
Tucked away from the eyes of the tourists, the Seljalandsfoss Falls in Iceland allows you to get inside the cave behind the waterfall and view the outside world through the water curtain in front of you. If you think finding an accommodation in Iceland would be a task, say hello to great accomodation offers on MakeMyTrip and AirBnB with Citi cards!
So forget about your expenses and imagine a thousand beautiful hues of the sunset conspiring against the falls to give you one of the most unique views in the world!

Set off on the Great Baikal Trail in the deepest lake in the world! wikimedia

Enough people visit Moscow, Kremlin and Vladivostok every year. It’s time to know about one of the clearest lakes of Russia and the world. This gigantic lake is also the deepest and the largest freshwater lake in the world by volume and contains a fifth of the world's total freshwater!
Formed due to tectonic activity, it is the home of thousands of animal and plant species that are found nowhere else on the planet and because of this reason, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site! New lifeforms are constantly discovered in which is one of the most mysterious places in the world! Ditch the usual hiking trails and spend some time understanding the fascinating geography of this region which is one of the best  places to start exploring something really out of the ordinary!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience a world you didn’t know existed! Get ready to push your boundaries and create some for others like you out there! Get ready to know #Whatsnewthisvaccation

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