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7 Places Where Birds Come Alive From Your Kid's Books!

Planning to take your family on a holiday they will remember forever? Surprise them by making their fantasies come alive!

India is home to nearly 1200 species of resident and migratory birds. These 7 places will mesmerize your children and ensure you have a great holiday! 

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Who said safaris are only done in jeeps? This santuary offers a thrilling one in an autorickshaw! There are over 360 species of birds found here, how many can you identify? 

Sudipta Nandi, HolidayIQ Traveller says, "Keoladeo Ghana National Park will not allow you to loose your wild spirit." he adds, "we counted around 76 species during our visit. We were also lucky to spot numerous pack of jackals, a lot of spotted deer and sambhar along with nilgai, monitor lizard, numerous monkeys and wild boar. A true heaven for the lovers of birds and wildlife."  Rajeev Jain, HolidayIQ reviewer suggests, "A good guide is a must. One should hire rikshaws and should not take motorised vehicles. The experience was fantastic." While here look out for Bee-eaters, short-toed eagles, hornbills, babblers, sandpipers, painted storks, peregrines, spoonbills and cormorants.

This crater lake formed when a meteor struck the earth at this point, Lona lake is made up of chemical constituents of the meteor. Located in the district of Buldana, Maharashtra, the lake is subject of several studies and researches conducted by ecologists, geologists, naturalists and even astronomers.

HolidayIQ Traveller Nitin Pethkar says, "Maharashtra's mystical and most well-kept secret is the Lonar Lake, thanks to a meteor hitting earth over 52, 000 years ago." He adds, "If you like bird watching, then the forest area is filled with migratory and local birds from resettled lapwings, blue jays to tailor birds, parakeet and peafowl. You will also be able to see barking deer, chinkaras, monitor lizards, snakes, brightly colored insects and amphibians as well."

Ideal for a short break with the family, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is home to many rare species of birds in India. The fresh water lake here is particularly popular for spotting the Siberian crane in winter. While here, look out for bulbuls, parakeets, red-collared dove, purple sunbird and magpie, migratory birds like spotted sandpiper, pintail, blue-tailed bee – eater and the Siberian crane.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sudha says, "Nice place to see migratory birds in their natural habitat. Well-maintained by the government. It's about 45 to 50 km from Delhi." HolidayIQ reviewer Yogesh says, "the real attraction is seeing migratory birds travelling from far places as Siberia." 

With a spectacular boat ride, great food and energetic guides, few places are as exciting for a family escape!  

Take a boat cruise and spot birds like spot-billed pelicans, herons, and falcons. Besides birding, dolphin spotting is a great sight for your kids on Chilika Lake.

HolidayIQ Traveller Arjun Mehta says, “It is good place for bird watching. Boats are available for visiting different islands in Chilika. Cheap boats with guides, binoculars and bird books are available at reasonable cost.” HolidayIQ reviewer Anuj adds, "Another place called Manglajodi is very good for bird watching. It is a marshy area of chilka with hundreds of local and migratory birds. Cheap boats with guides, binoculars and bird books are available at reasonable cost."

An exciting adventure for your little one, ride a canoe or catamaran to explore the sanctuary- just as in the stories they read.

The Vembanad Lake is a perfect place for bird watchers. You can spot many species including the Snakehead Darter, Kingfishers, Black Drongos, Woodpecker, Flycatchers, Siberian Crane and Herons. Hire a luxury houseboat to add a unique element to your family getaway! 

HolidayIQ Traveller Priyam says, “If you are lucky and patient enough you might witness the snakehead at its hunt. Watching the sunset on this lake is a truly amazing experience. Kingfishers are a very common sight here. 

A short dash from Bangalore is Kokkare Bellur, a small village, near Mandya. Outsiders will tell you its a bird sanctuary, which it is not. No special rules apply here, the birds have chosen the land of the farmers to come to year after year.

The village is also popularly known as ‘Village of Storks’ because it is home to hundreds of painted Storks. The village is 87km from Bangalore and is surrounded by beautiful rock formations and forest patches making it a great trekking and camping site.

Emo, HolidayIQ reviewer, says, "Kokkare village is on the banks of the river Shimsha. It is famous for Spot Billed Pelicans and the Painted Storks. I also saw many other birds like-Brahminy kite, Parakeets, Sparrows, Scaly breasted Munias etc." 

Pulicat Lake: Flamingos!
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Flickr: Arian Suresh

The brackish Pulicat Lake is popular for sightings of the greater flamingo. A beautiful drive, the forests around the lake are home to large numbers of egrets, lesser whistling teal and falcons.

HolidayIQ reviewer Rajnikanth says, "enjoy vast panoramic views and abundant migratory birds. Annamalai Bird sanctuary located in the vicinity of Pulicat is a famous spot for sighting a large number of flamingos. In fact, the journey itself from Chennai to Pulicat, though bumpy, but quite enjoyable with the scenic villages on the way." 

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