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7 Off- Beat Places to Drive off to When Friends are all That Matter! HolidayIQ reviewer Al Joe

7 Offbeat Places to Drive off to When Friends are all That Matter!

This season hit the road with your gang and drive - off to these one-of-a-kind experiences! Escape with those who have seen you at your craziest with a road trip that will give The Hangover a run for its money. 

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Bangalore to Ketti Valley for rooms with a view, baby!
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HolidayIQ reviewer Sai Ram took this photograph

Distance from Bangalore: 285 km 

This is one drive that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Drive through tiger reserves and spot wildlife if luck is with you guys. A dizzy climb to the top of the legendary Nilgiris take you to the "second largest valley of the world Ketti Valley is surrounded by evergreen trees and plants which make this place very good. I have my first visit in this place, it is very good place for a holiday." says HolidayIQ reviewer Bhansi Dhar. 

HolidayIQ reviewer Giridhar suggests that a trek through the valley is the perfect activity for your group, saying "On your trek around this valley, you can spot deers, elephants and bears. From the valleys highest points, Mother Nature offers you beautiful glimpses of the Blue Mountains in the midst of the passing clouds." 

Distance from Bangalore: 386 km 

Ditch the city and drive to the monsoons, literally! Your destination - the mysterious rainforests of Agumbe, the lair of the King Cobra. 

Soumik, HolidayIQ reviewer, lists out things to do in Agumbe, "Staying in the middle of the forest is an awesome experience. The Forest Never Sleeps !!! A walk through the forest at night is very thrilling, feels like a blanket of darkness covering you all around. The sound of the bugs and insects gives a chill. You can find various types of birds, butterflies, snakes(especially vipers and king cobras) and insects in this forest region. If you are visiting during the rainy season be careful of leeches. Torches, binoculars and raincoats are must. There is a Rainforest Research Station situated in the middle of the forest and a sunset point nearby. "

New Delhi to Binsar: Wild things
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HolidayIQ reviewer Mahalakshmi took this at Binsar

Distance from Delhi: 375 km

The wild ones (we mean that literally) in your gang will love this idea. Escape to Binsar surrounded by Himalayan hamlets and wilderness at it's best. 

HolidayIQ Traveller Kunjal Karaniya shares, “Binsar, an unexplored wilderness situated in the Kumaon ranges of Uttarakhand is perfect for nature and wildlife lover. It is home to numerous birds and wildlife. The entire Binsar sanctuary is a preserved forest with a majestic view of Eastern Himalayan ranges. We stayed for 3 nights explored the place by treks and bird watching."

New Delhi to Bharatpur: Look but don't touch
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Distance from Delhi: 200 km 

You'll be amazed how much you can do at Bharatpur! A bird sanctuary that boasts of rare migratory birds, ancient temples and markets, all are worth your time. Be sure to take the drive to Deeg Palace.

HolidayIQ Traveller Aritro Dasgupta says, “We spotted around 50 species of birds in the national park. It is exciting to spot water birds who have migrated from far off lands like Siberia & Mongolia. There is a monument inside, which chronicles the birds hunted during various sessions when Bharatpur was a princely state. The rickshaw guides here are all trained by BNHS and make the best naturalists. They charge a very minimal price. Do refer to them.”

Distance from Mumbai: 122km 

The monsoon showers promise you an adventure you will not forget! Check out what our HolidayIQ traveller has to say below. 

Sharda Rebello talks about her visit to Kolad. She says: “For those who cannot travel up north for some White Water rafting adventure, suggest you visit Kolad which is just 3. 5 hours drive from Mumbai. In Kolad, you will find the Kundalika river water rafting very thrilling and exciting. Covers almost 12- 14km stretch of gushing water & rapids and ends with a smooth floating on the waters of the river. Found a group of professionals who cover video and photography while you venture rafting.”

Distance from Mumbai: 190 km

With fireflies glowing in thousands, the monsoons bring a vision that is straight out of a fairytale. A scenic drive from Mumbai takes you to this special part of the Western Ghats. The grassroots nature camp in Purushwadi is too good to pass.

HolidayIQ traveller Fauza, "As we were walking towards the dinner house the fireflies started their play by flickering along the road." Fauza adds, "After dinner when we reached the place with our guide there were lakhs of fireflies. All the tree were filled with fire lies like led bulbs shinning. We all were stunned to see such type of show. We watched for two hours and then went off to sleep in our tent."

Distance from Kolkata: 180 km

The sea at Digha is mostly calm and shallow up to a mile off the beach, which makes it safe for various marine activities like swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing.

HolidayIQ reviewer Soumitra says, "Only four hours journey (approx) from Kolkata. One can enjoy this sea-side town with family or friends." Soumitra also suggests, "My advice is to avoid weekends and holidays because of mad rush."

HolidayIQ reviewer Gautam says, "The road is smooth and safe, comfortable to drive, three and half hours from Kolkata to Digha. It's a beautiful experience driving on NH-6 in the morning, then the Haldia Road is also excellent. From Nandakumar to Digha, the road is single but smooth."

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