How to reach Vijayawada

How To Reach Vijayawada

Vijayawada is one of the major trading and business centres of Andhra Pradesh. HolidayIQ gives you a detailed guide about how to reach Vijayawada. HolidayIQ serves the travellers with information about the sight-seeing in Vijayawada as well as the hotels in Vijayawada.

By Bus: Most of the people visit this city on business purpose and often they are caught up in the dilemma of how to go to Vijayawada. It is better to plan the Vijayawada trip by bus, in the case of the frequent and sudden visits. When going for a Vijayawada visit by bus, the travellers can enjoy the scenic beauty of Andhra Pradesh which has some of the best roads in the country. Tourists can pre-book their tickets online if planning to take a Vijayawada trip by bus.

By Train: Trains to Vijayawada are available from almost all major railway stations in the country. Vijayawada travel can sometimes be tough if confirmed reservations are not available, as this is the second busiest railway station in India. Reservations can be made on Vijayawada trains through the IRCTC website. It is always better to check Vijayawada train timetable to know if there are any last minute changes in timings.

By Flight: The Vijayawada airport is the domestic terminal of the city located in NH 5 that connects Chennai and Kolkata. Flights to Vijayawada are available from all major metro cities in India. HolidayIQ provides the travellers with the details about flights to Vijayawada from various parts of the country.

By Cab/Car: Going to Vijayawada by road can be very interesting when traveling with friends. Details about various hotels in Vijayawada can be availed from HolidayIQ website. Reaching Vijayawada by car is the best option to choose. Driving to Vijayawada is a good option with Vijayawada car rentals.

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