How to reach Surat

How To Reach Surat

Surat is located in the Indian state of Gujarat. Travellers across the world visit this beautiful city frequently. Some of the main places to go for sightseeing in Surat include the Sardar Patel Museum and the Vansda National Park. The Surat Fort is another popular attraction. Many 3 star hotels, 5 star hotels and budget hotels in Surat are available for accommodation. The question of ‘how to go to Surat’ can be answered in the following ways.

By Bus: Surat has bus stations connected that receive many buses from other states. Surat visit by bus is the one of the exciting ways to explore the city. So many private as well as state government buses offer daily services to the city. A Surat trip by bus can be made online via HolidayIQ. It is the fastest way for ticket booking. Surat, Surat (Adajan) is the main bus station in the city.

By Train: The main railway stations in Surat are the Surat (ST), the Udhna Junction (UDN), Sachin (SCH), the Bhestan (BHET), and the Utran (URN). The Mangrolla (MGRL) and the Lotarva (LTV) are also busy stations. Trains to Surat are easily available from all major railway stations in India. Surat train tickets can be booked online or physically from the station. From HolidayIQ, we can get a complete list of Surat train timetable and other information.

By Flight: Surat airport is located 11 kilometres from the city. There are regular flights to Surat from other major cities of the country. Surat travel by flight is the fastest way to reach the destination. So if you’re wondering how to reach Surat, flight details can be easily obtained to plan your travel.

By Cab/Car: Surat by car is the common travel option preferred by travellers. Surat car rental can be made through HolidayIQ at affordable rates. Surat is well connected with roads. We can visit many places and enjoy the beauty of the city while travelling by cab. Surat by road details can be obtained via HolidayIQ.

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