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How To Reach Omkareshwar

The itinerary of any tourist requires him to answer the primary question of how to reach Omkareshwar.This is answered by the following means of transport that can be availed by tourists and devotees alike eager to pay their respects to Omkareshwar’s presiding deity. Offering a host of places for sightseeing in Omkareshwar, numerous affordable accommodations come in the form of resorts in Omkareshwar, much to the delight of the tourist fraternity.

By Bus: Omkareshwar trip by bus is another convenient means of transport ferrying devotees every single day. The IPS Academy Bus Stop, Navlakha Bus Station and the Bhawarkuan Square Bus Stop are the main bus stations in Omkareshwar facilitating travellers to an Omkareshwar visit by bus. Enabling tourists reserve their seats online or through manned counters, it is a wise move to book tickets early to avail attractive early-bird offers.

By Train: A train to Omkareshwar originating from prominent cities terminates at the Omkareshwar Road Station. Enjoying a journey in a passenger train to Omkareshwar is possible through online or manual reservations. With timings of trains subject to constant changes, it is advisable for tourists to double check the Omkareshwar train timetableso as to avoid rush in the last minute. With three railway stations named The Omkareshwar Road Station, Sanawad Railway Station and Barwaha Railway Station, an Omkareshwar train comes with a promise to deliver comfort and speed, thus making the Omkareshwar travel a cherished memory.

By Flight: There are no direct flights to Omkareshwar on account of the absence of an Omkareshwar Airport. However, the Indore Airport, distanced by about 77 km is the nearest airport to Omkareshwar.

By Cab/Car: The journey to Omkareshwar by road is the perfect answer to the frequently raised question of how to go to Omkareshwar. With a number of stopovers enjoying the surrounding landscapes, an exciting option to drive down to Omkareshwar by car can be made against hiring Omkareshwar car rental.