How to reach Mangalore

How To Reach Mangalore

Mangalore is a major port city that is located in Karnataka. The Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Kadri Manjunath Temple and Tannirbhavi Beach are some of the places that are ideal for sightseeing in Mangalore. There are also a range hotels in Mangalore to help travellers spend more time in the city and also to relax and refresh while on their trip.

By Bus: The answers to the question how to go to Mangalore by bus are as follows. Direct and regular buses are available from other major cities in India to Mangalore. The major bus stations are NITK in Mangalore and the Mangalore Bypass. Going on a Mangalore trip by bus is ideal for those looking to travel in the cheapest way possible. One can initiate a Mangalore visit by bus by booking tickets directly or online.

By Train: Following are the details on how to reach Mangalore by train. Regular trains to Mangalore from other major cities are available as the city is well-connected with the railway network of the country. The major railways stations are the ones in Mangalore Junction (MAJN), Mangalore Central (MAQ), Thokur (TOK) and Ullal (ULL). Mangalore train timetable is also available as a guide to travellers who are new to Mangalore train travel.

By Flight: Mangalore has an international airport in the city. The Mangalore airport was formerly known as Bajpe Airport. Direct and regular flights to Mangalore are available from other major cities of India. From the airport, cabs and buses are available for Mangalore travel.

By Cab/Car: One will find that it is more suitable to travel to Mangalore by car if travelling with family or kids. Mangalore car rental is also available for those looking to drive and explore the city by themselves. The advantage of driving to and around Mangalore by road allows one to see the sights and take snaps along the way. Important spots like ATMs, fuel pumps and food joints are available in plenty on all routes to Mangalore.

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