How to reach Katra

How To Reach Katra

Katra is a small town in Jammu and Kashmir, located in the northern part of India. The town is also popularly known as ‘Katra Vaishno Devi’ as Katra is home to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. Travellers come to see this holy shrine and other places that are popular in terms of sightseeing in Katra. There are many hotels in Katra to help travelers with accommodation.

By Bus: Those travellers who are worried about how to go to Katra economically can choose bus as a means of transportation. Going on a Katra trip by bus is both affordable and convenient when compared to other options. Katra does not have a bus stand and the nearest bus stands are in Ayodhya and Faizabad which are only a few kilometers away. All the popular places to visit can be seen when you make a Katra visit by bus.

By Train: Visitors can check the Katra train timetable to know about the train timings and routes. Katra has its own railway station (KEA). Therefore, trains to Katra are available from all major cities of the country. Katra trains can also be booked online through the IRCTC website.

By Flight: Details on how to reach Katra by air is as follows. The town does not have its own Katra airport. So instead of flights to Katra, flights have to be taken from other cities to Gorakhpur Airport which is 118 km from Katra. Amausi Airport is another airport that is nearest to Katra which is 125 km away.

By Cab/Car: Katra travel by road is more suitable and fun for those travelling with family and kids. One can easily reach Katra by road as the town is well-linked with roadways. Visiting Katra by car provides a degree of freedom as one is able to stop anytime and anywhere along the route if required. Katra car rentals can be booked online or in person for those who like to drive and explore cities themselves. Cabs can also be hired which are available on all days of the week.

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