How to reach Jammu

How To Reach Jammu

Jammu is the one of the largest cities of Jammu and Kashmir. The name Jammu was derived from the ruler who founded the city. Travelers have so many places for sightseeing in Jammu. Ascertain the booking of resorts in Jammu early for a comfortable stay. The details on how to reach Jammu are as follows.

By Bus: Plan the Jammu visit by bus to blend into the culture of this wonderful place. Jammu has JKSRTC city buses for intercity travel and mini buses for local transport. Book tickets for the Jammu trip by bus directly or online.

By Train: Railways are always the answer when it comes to how to go to Jammu quickly and economically. The main railway station of Jammu, called Jammu Tawi, allows trains to Jammu from other major cities of the country. Travelers can check the Jammu train timetable to know the exact Jammu train timings.

By Flight: Domestic flights to Jammu are available from Delhi, Srinagar, Mumbai and other cities of the country. Jammu airport is located in the heart of the city. Some of the regular flight carriers are GoAir, Air India, SpiceJet and Indigo. It is less troublesome to book flights to Jammu at the earliest during festive seasons.

By Car/Cab: The best means of transportation to Jammu is by car when travelling with family and kids. NH 1A and NH 1B are the national highway roads that connect Jammu with the other cities of India. Apart from having fun, The travel to Jammu by road grants one the freedom to stop anytime and anywhere along the route if necessary. Jammu car rentals are also available for those that prefer to drive and travel by themselves. Jammu travel cabs also take one to anywhere in the region but is comparatively expensive depending on the type of service. ATMs, hotels and fuel pumps are scattered along the routes to Jammu, as well as around the city, to help those travelling by road.

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