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How To Reach Chilika

Located on the east coast of India, the Chilika Lake is a brackish water estuary lagoon that remains pure and calm in around the areas of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts. It is located in Odisha. One can stumble on a lot of sightseeing in Chilika, including the festivals and events that are also something to look forward to. With comfortable hotels in Chilika, one can always be relaxed about how to reach Chilika as there are plenty of easy options.

By Bus: A Chilika visit by bus is quite a pleasant and a visual treat to eyes. The National highway NH5 that is from Bhubaneshwar runs by the Chilika Lake and one can catch a glimpse of the lake while passing by. There are a lot of buses going along the route that helps one for their Chilika trip by bus and solving the puzzle of how to go to Chilika.

By Train: There are no direct Chilika trains but one can always board a train to Chilika from the nearest railway station. The Calcutta-Chennai railway train of the South Eastern Railways contacts the Chilika Lake at Balugaon, Khallikote, Rambha and Chilika. The nearest station for Barkul would be situated at Balugaon, which is very close from Chilika. One can also board the Barahampur-Visakhapatnam- Chennai train fromBhubaneswar.

By flight: Since Chilika lacks a separate Chilika airport, when planning a Chilika travel by flight, one must go to nearest airport and change. Bhubaneswar is the closest airport to Chilika, which is just 105 kilometres from Barkul, 110 kilometres from Satpada and 130 kilometres from Rambha. As there are no direct flights to Chilika, one must arrive at Bhubaneswar before boarding a taxi or bus to Chilika.

By Cab/car: TheChennai National Highway No. 5 that links several major cities like Calcutta Cuttack and Visakhapatnam can be used to reach the lake while planning a Chilika by car journey. The OTDC and other private tour operators offer sumptuousness Chilika car rental from Puri and Bhubaneswar also.

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