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Mohammed rashid

Mohammed rashidratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

7 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Delhi in a day!

History of Qutub Minar is known to everyone. Most of the tombs are damaged. This reminded me of ruins of Hampi. I was not aware that this is the tallest monument of this make. Climate was perfect with a cool breeze and not too sunny sky.

Red Fort: After an hour visit we moved to next place, Red Fort and Juma Masjid. It took almost an hour in car to reach Red Fort from Qutub Minar. Cabs are not allowed near to Fort. We had to take a cycle auto to reach Red Fort entrance. Very few areas of the widespread Fort is opened to Public. War museum, Mumtaz Mahal, Pearl Masjid are few. Red stones laid across gives a different look from forts across the country. War museum had some good armours and war equipment which I have seen or read in old books.

Authorities had maintained the place very well. I felt lucky when I saw the queue outside which was empty few minutes back. Fort architecture is something adorable. Cycle Guy was waiting for us to take us for the next spot, Largest Mosque in India, Juma Masjid. Masjid has become a tourist place than a worship place. It's built at a good height from the ground with around 50 steps up.

Delhi Juma Masjid: Gate was just opened after the Prayers and the crowd was rushing. It was good to see all the English men wearing mundu and women wearing long gown. I saw a board that we can get the tickets to climb the minaret. I didn't have to think again to get the tickets and climb up the minaret of the largest mosque in India. It was around 200 steps of which 50 are of 2 feet and remaining spiral steps inside the tomb. View from the top was worth climbing up.

Juma Masjid Minaret which we climbed and took the picture. View from the top of Juma Masjid Minar.

Autowala was waiting for us and took us to Karim Hotel. I was expecting a normal hotel in Chandi Chowk. Big queue in front of the hotel surprised me and then I observed few certificates from BBC and National Geographic. When I had Mutton Qorma and Roti, I understood why certificate was given. I had the best ever mutton from there. Cyclewala took back to the cab and we headed to India Gate.

India Gate: Perfect lighting from the sun and a good crowd. I heard few facts about India Gate from a guide. One of them which i was not aware was the Gate is maintained by Army, Navy and Air force in alternative three days. Saluted the martyrdom of the soldiers and we moved to Rashtrapathi Bavan.

Rashtrapathi Bhavan - South Block, We were not allowed to get inside the compound of the Bhavan. We just had a drive in the India Gate - Rashtrapathi Bavan road and headed toward Hazrat Nizamudheen. Rashtrapathi Bhavan - India Gate Road. Visited Hazrat Nizamuddheen Dargha and returned to hotel. 10AM to 7:00PM and 95km covering Qutub Minar, Char Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Hazrat Nizamudheen was our one day trip in Delhi.

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Ranjan  Barik

Ranjan Barikratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

The city where joy never end's

What to Say? Amazing! Really pleasure with such a trip to go Delhi. Its wonderful experience. I loved it. Delhi is a difference from many others places. I agree there are some places worth visiting. Some great historic places with a modern touch. In delhi must visit India gate, red fort, Connaught Place, Jama mosque, Lotus Temple, akshardham Temple, the raj ghat, five sense etc which makes busy. Firstly I recommended to can visit this place anytime but preferably in winters as the summers are very hot in Delhi. . Secondly I said that must visit place in weekends because there is awesome experience in shopping which make busy. To experience shoopings delhi metro it is heart of Delhi transporting, it was very comfortable for travelling to the local places. The food of Delhi is very good and tasty one who go to delhi must eat the biryani, chaats, chicken tika which I liked the most.

It's been a wonderful trip for my family and me. We have enjoyed each and every moment of this tour from the beginning till the end. This tour will be my remarkable tour and received lots of appreciation from my family.

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Delhi Overview

Delhi, the capital of India, is located in north India, surrounded by Uttar Pradesh and Haryana on three sides, straddling the river Yamuna. Administratively, it is a Union Territory, called the National Capital Region, but it is also partially a state, having been given its own legislative assembly in 1991. In addition there are the closely linked satellite towns of Gurgaon and Faridabad in Haryana and NOIDA and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh.   Contemporary Delhi includes all the sites that had been the capitals of North Indian empires for a thousand years from the many dynasties collectively called the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526), to the Mughal Empire (1526-1857), to the British colonialists who made it their capital in 1912. It was declared independent India's capital in 1947.   Several monuments are evidence of this history. Among them: the Qutb Minar (12th-beginning of 13th century) and Humayun's Tomb (1570) both World Heritage Sites; the Mughal citadel Red Fort (1648); India's largest mosque, the Jama Masjid; the British-built India Gate and the planned and green area of British New Delhi, now holding political and bureaucratic residences, the Indian Parliament and President's House. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India recognizes some 175 monuments in Delhi as heritage sites. Thus, Delhi often forms a visitor's Golden Triangle with Agra (200 kms away) and Jaipur (250 kms away), to which it is very well connected.   Delhi is also a shopper's hub with the centrally located Connaught Place market, South Extension, and many malls all over town, especially in Gurgaon. All big hospitality chains have hotels here, and restaurant and bars abound.   Delhi has the Indira Gandhi International Airport and is connected to various cities in India and the world. It is by and large thought of as a hot city and a summer visit, up to humid September, is best avoided.