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Last railway station - Haridwar Junction
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A long journey but worth it!

Dec 10, 2014
Mode of Transport: Train

The journey was long as we have to take train to New Delhi and from there car to Haridwar. There is no connecting flights. But end product is good. Haridwar is nice small town nestled in the Himalayas. Its cold even in the summer time. But the temples and the river Ganga makes it worth. Donít miss the Ganga Aarti. Its the best part. Go early and catch the front place so that you get to watch unobstructed. Donít give any kind of donation to the people asking on name of maintenance of the ghats. Also do go to Rishikesh. Its around 20 km from here. Roads are not good. But the river Ganga there is beautiful. Also the valley and mountain part is worth the trip.

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