116 Spas ranked by travellers in India


Spas in India

With a great emphasis on health and wellbeing, spa experience is developing popularity among individuals from different circles. Spa resorts are a great option to de-stress and rejuvenate if you are looking forward to treating yourself for a few days.

Most of the spa resorts or hotels in India have now advanced to incorporate various diverse therapies in skin treatments and massages. These include reflexology, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, and meditation, which make these the ideal spot for spa holiday or luxury honeymoon in India.

Spa Resorts in Bangalore

The spa resorts in Bangalore provide rejuvenating and indulgent experiences during the treatment to ingrain wellness. Most of the spa resorts provide Ayurvedic massage, yoga and meditation sessions for the visitors, with special services provided by the staff and the experts at the resort. These forms of treatments can be found in the AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Centre or Shreyas Retreat.

The Windflower Resorts and Spa in Mysore near Chamundi hills provides 25 different kinds of massage therapies and treatments making it a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore. Silent Shores Resort & Spa is another good resort in Mysore for those who want to relax and unwind.

Spa Resorts in Kerala

When it comes to the ancient Indian healing system known as the Ayurveda Treatment, the destination should be Kerala. In spa resorts in Kerala, the travellers would get the best and purest Ayurveda treatment as Kerala is known for its expertise in the medicinal practice. Other than Ayurveda treatment, the resorts offer other types of treatments such as yoga, meditation, Thai and Asian beauty and care therapies.

Club Mahindra Cherai Beach, is a popular family retreat in Kerala and provides ayurvedic treatments and massages to its guests at reasonable prices, apart from amenities such as pool, gym and in-house restaurant. Blue Ginger Spa Resorts in Vythiri is also among the best spa resorts in Kerala.  

Spa Resorts in Goa

The spa resorts in Goa offer the visitors an assortment of spa treatments to meet their specific needs. These may include personalized herbal therapeutic massages and rejuvenating treatments. These resorts also provide Ayurvedic treatments and varying therapeutic treatments for a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions. Such treatments can be found around the city in places such as the Eco Woods Village Spa Resort, which offers a relaxing and excellent spa treatment experience.

Spa Resorts in the Himalayas

There are even various luxury spa resorts and Ayurveda Ashrams in India that are situated in the north, which have the Himalayan mountain ranges as a backdrop. The spa resorts in the Himalayas provide many treatments that integrate the traditional Indian system of Ayurveda and other Asian and western spa treatments. From beauty to health and wellness, there are many different choices of treatments that help in achieving complete relaxation, have de-stressing therapies, and nutritious meal plans that nourish the body.

Ananda, located close to Rishikesh and Haridwar, in Narendra Nagar, Uttarakhand (or Uttaranchal), is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhior Chandigarh, which is surrounded by Sal forests and includes both modern therapeutic and ancient Ayurveda massages. Rooms in Anandas have a beautiful view of the valley.

The Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, is an ideal place for peace and relaxation which pleases the guests with meditation centres, yoga and open-air spa treatments. What makes the resort perfect accommodation to stay is its serene location.

Timber Trail Resort, located near Parwanoo bus stop, nestled in the hilly area of Himachal Pradesh, Vana Wellness Retreat in Dehradun and Mayfair Spa Resort & Casino in Gangtok, Sikkim are among the best resorts where wide array of specialized treatments is available including massages, cellulite reduction, reflexology and packages for couples to enjoy in the silent atmosphere.

Different types of spa resorts

There are different types and themes of spas that can be found in different cities in India. Some are fitness-centric while others are devoted to holistic wellbeing. The spas that offer these are health/wellness spa resorts. However, there are some others that concentrate on pampering and relaxation. These are known as beauty or luxury spa resorts. The idea of luxury spa resort is still in its early stages in India, but is slowly picking up with the increasing number of spa visitors in India each year. Many spas have original themes or some treatment that set them apart from the rest. This includes spas that have Smoke Cessation Programmes and physiotherapeutic treatments for sports people.

Luxury Spa Resorts

For a completely immersive experience and indulgence for the self, this is the best option. Usually, spa resorts provide distraction-free environments with facilities for the visitors to have a luxurious, rejuvenating and relaxing stay. These spas have planned programs like yoga and unique spa cuisine menus. These facilities and activities make the visitor leave healthier and fit.

Amanvana, a luxury spa resort in Coorg, Karnataka offers soothing retreats at reasonable tariffs. Featuring lotus pond and reading area, the resort offers all modern comforts to its guests.

Healthy Spa Resorts

This type of spa resorts concentrates more on the health and wellness, as they provide a full treatment and program that focuses on the therapeutic treatment for a wide range of illnesses and medical conditions. These could include migraine, skin diseases, allergies, hair-loss problems, obesity, high blood pressure etc.

Hotel Spa

Usually hotel spas are the most accessible and can be found in different places in the city. There are some visitors who tend to spend few hours to have a relaxing time and rejuvenate from the hectic work life. At these spas, all the needed treatments can be found and provided with the highest range of quality products and the best experiences. You can find these at affordable as well as luxurious 5-star hotels.

Destination Spa Resorts

For families and travellers who plan a long and relaxing treatments at destinations that have special treatments, Kerala is the best place to go. The Ayurvedic Oil Massage treatment originated in this city. A pleasurable combination of spa resort activities as well as tours in the destination where the spa resort is, can be a pleasurable experience for guests.

Day Spa

This type of spa treatment can be offered at spa centre or salon near your home or in the same city for those who want to indulge in a few hours of rejuvenating and beautifying spa treatments. These spas have treatments, which are pocket-friendly and within an affordable budget, do not focus on medical treatments or fitness.

For travellers who want to spend a long time at a relaxing spa for a treatment, they must stay in holiday cottages or luxury resorts. There is a variety of accommodation at top hotels in India for those with specific budgets and requirements for a relaxing stay.

The first step to planning out your perfect spa treatment stay is selecting the place you want to go to receive the treatment. There are a number of websites where you can check spa resorts or hotels with their reviews, ratings and contact details. It is recommended to make the bookings in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. You could also find various deals and offers on highly ranked resorts online.