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House Boats in India

Houseboats are a great option if you don’t want to spend your vacation the traditional way and stay in luxury resorts or hotels. They are fully equipped with the modern facilities you will find in all hotels in India. Houseboats are the best choice if you are vacationing in the backwaters of Kerala in the South or in Srinagar in the North. 

Just like any other hotel, they come in different packages of luxury right from budget houseboats for a cheap but comfortable stay to 5 star houseboats for a lavish and luxurious time. They offer different types of accommodations ranging from standard to deluxe as well as premium. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you the most and settle down to have a ride you’ll never forget.

Here are few houseboats in the South and North of India where you are sure to have a comfortable and memorable holiday.

House Boats in Kerala

Kerala has been in the business of providing comfortable accommodation services to vacationers for a very long time. Range of Kerala houseboats are available at different rates and are in service round the clock at all times of the year. They do not function on a seasonal basis and welcome guests warmly no matter what. Alleppey houseboats are an excellent choice for accommodation because you get the feeling that you are right in the midst of nature without any concrete hotel walls to bind you in. The price may vary from Rs. 3000 per room per night to Rs. 45000 for a luxurious house boat. The standard Kerala houseboat rates apply and you can always find yourself a comfortable, pocket-friendly deal.

The experience

Rainbow Cruises, a popular, have a single-minded goal when they welcome you on board - they want you to experience the magical enchantments of the backwaters, first-hand. Alleppey boat houses have a gold star rating and are one of the finest Kerala houseboat destinations. It’s a favourite especially among honeymooners who describe it as a floating paradise and is as good as any other luxury honeymoon hotel in India. Other popular houseboats in Alleppey are Angel Queen Houseboats, Prasanthy Houseboats, Johnson's Eco Houseboats and Grandeur Houseboats.

One of the best things about these Alleppey houseboats is that they offer you an opportunity to observe the natural eco-system up close without having to wander too far. The Alleppey houseboats rates differ depending on the kind of package you choose.

Get on one quickly!
In India, hotel booking can be done as fast as anywhere else in the world and the same applies for houseboats. You can look through all types and sizes of houseboats available and pick one of the Kerala houseboats that best suits your requirements. Set against the tantalizing backdrop of a romantic crop of coconut trees, a Kerala boat house offers a beautiful view of the backwaters in close proximity. They can certainly be classified as one among the best. Indian hotels come nowhere close to beating the hands-on experience they give you when it comes relaxing in the backwaters of Kerala.

House Boats in Kashmir

Houseboats in Kashmirhave an enchanting air about them. Sailing regally on the quiet waters of the lakes in Srinagar, they exude peace and tranquillity. The popular modal of a houseboat in Srinagar is built in such a way that you feel like you’re in a royal atmosphere.

Waking up, gently rocking on the waters of the Nigeen lake, is an experience you will not forget. Srinagar houseboats also offer the most scenic views of the various lakes. The price may vary from Rs. 2500 per night to Rs. 15000 per night. Srinagar house boat rates, just like the Kerala houseboats rates, differ depending on the kind of rooms you choose.

Riding on the Dal Lake
The Butt’s Clermont Srinagar houseboat sits serenely in a secluded spot, over the Dal lake, overlooking the vast expanse of the lake. There is a beautiful romantic air about this houseboat and is as good as, if not better than, any luxury honeymoon hotel. The accommodation is cosy and the staff is welcoming and warm. You can enjoy the enchanting early morning breeze by going out to the deck and letting it brush over you.

Some other popular house boats in Srinagar are: The Shelter Group of Houseboats, Heaven Breeze Group of House Boats, Houseboat New Golden Flower and New Jacquline Houseboats.

These houseboats also offer you a very picturesque view of the lake and surrounding mountains making it ideal for taking beautiful photographs. These houseboats come with different tariffs for different rooms just like any other hotel.

A romantic getaway
Options for a deluxe houseboat, Srinagar is especially beautiful and promise an experience that cannot be matched. The cosy atmosphere and breath-taking beauty of the surrounding make these houseboats an ideal holiday for honeymooners. The experience inside the houseboat is also extremely unique. There are royal and vintage styled dining areas and rooms that are neatly laid out and look very inviting. You can stay in the Chicago Group of Houseboats if you’re looking for a classy stay coupled with unmatched views of the lake.

While looking for a good houseboat do keep the location of the houseboat in mind. Make sure you pick a secluded spot because houseboats in Kerala and Srinagar are a commercial business, leading to a lot of boats being strung together bumper to bumper. So, ensure that you pick a houseboat that is parked a little way off and is secluded offering you a peaceful view. Opt for houseboats in Srinagar and Kerala that are well reviewed and well known so you don’t have to expect unpleasant surprises while you gear up to enjoy your holidays.

Booking houseboats is as easy as booking hotels online. All you have to do is do is look up the company of houseboats you are interested in and you will find all the information along with vacancies, rates and facilities. Most people choose houseboats in Kashmir and Alleppey because of the unadulterated nature experience they provide you with. Houseboats can also serve as low-cost and comfortable alternatives for accommodation but depending on your travel budget you can also splurge as much as you want on them