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Serviced Apartments in India

There are so many times that you want to have all your friends and family over. But then it is very difficult to accommodate so many people in your house. Often you don’t have enough place for your own things. There are also times when you really want a change of scene but are too lazy to leave the comfort of a home.

In the past few years, hotels in India have diversified and now cater to different needs. Everything from luxury serviced apartment to cheap hotel is at your disposal. Take some time to explore the options when it comes to comfortable guest house accommodation where you can have your own space.

Take a look at some of the many options you can choose from:

  1. City-based serviced apartments: These areperfect when you want to wander around the city. If you are renting serviced apartments in Bangalore, you can spend the day taking in the multicultural, young Garden city. Most apartments are near the city’s hotspots like Koramangala or M G Road. Similarly, depending on which city or town you need to be in, you can find serviced apartments in the areas of your convenience. You can be sure that you find a place close to the tourist spots.
  2. Penthouse apartment: Who doesn’t love a terrace potluck dinner or a rooftop party? When there is a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary around the corner, this is exactly what you need. The best way to enjoy good weather is out in the open. So, if you are looking for serviced apartments in Pune or Bangalore, these are ideal for a night or two.
  3. Scenic serviced apartments: India has some of the most scenic places in the world. Imagine taking in those sights from the comfort of your own living room, which opens out into a veranda. Hotels are moving away from their conventional ‘room with bed’ operations into designs that provide travellers with the most comfort. If you are going sightseeing during the day, having your own apartment will be blessing for your tired feet. Depending on how big your group is, you can get an apartment of your choice.  Chains such as the Sterling Suits offer high-quality establishments of this sort.
  4. Apartment with garden or barbeque: If you would like to impress your friends with your cooking skills, or have a bonding session with the children and the family over how to operate the barbeque, this is perfect for you. Most apartments of this type can accommodate large groups and have comfortable dining spaces. There are many apartments, which come with built-in barbeques and grills and have a good kitchen as well. There are dozens of serviced apartments in Goa for large groups to laugh around a barbeque or build sand castles at a private beach.
  5. Home converted serviced apartments:The concept of a serviced apartment in India is still relatively new, so many families are converting their homes, or a part of their homes into serviced apartments. For homestays in India, there are many options, but these apartments mean that you get a lot more privacy and independence. This is particularly common in hill stations and popular tourist destinations. This form of interactive stay is proving to be quite popular in the country. Lilac Serviced Apartment in Bangalore, Rockdale Clarks Inn Suites in Visakhapatnam, Seasons Apartment Hotel in Pune and SFS Home Bridge in Kerala are some of the good serviced apartments in India.
  6. Villas:The name itself gives you images of airy living spaces, with divans and verandas where you can enjoy your favourite novel and order in dinner. They may be in a complex or separate. Some villas come with a private swimming pool or a Jacuzzi. Luxury Villas are aplenty, especially in places like Goa, Pondicherry and Kerala. The Mandala in Goahas received great reviews from travellers. There are cheap serviced apartments of this type as well, for travellers who are looking for pocket light options.

Here are some reasons why you should stay at serviced apartments:

  1. We call home a home for a reason. Whether you rent out a bungalow for a large group or a small flat for a few close friends, you will feel relaxed in a fully furnished serviced apartment.
  2. Unlike hotels, which just have a bed, at an apartment, you can laze around in the comfort of a living room. It’s the best place to play a game of cards, dumb-charades or monopoly.
  3. You no longer have to worry about getting dressed and walking down to the restaurant. Who needs that sort of formality when on holiday?
  4. Most serviced apartments come with a flat-screen TV and sometimes a DVD player. You can call your friends over and enjoy a cricket match or blockbuster.
  5. You can come and go when you want, eat when you want, and not have to worry about room service timings, restaurant timings and other guests.
  6. When you rent serviced apartments, you can sometimes make your own food if you want. Now you don’t have to depend on that room service.
  7. There are some holiday serviced apartments with gardens and barbeques too, perfect for get-togethers and special events.

When do you know you want a serviced apartment?

When you find that you have no plans this weekend, spontaneous plans are always the most fun. There are plenty of cheap service apartment options in popular spots like beaches and hill stations, which are ideal for the light traveller. From Kerala and Pondicherry to Dharamshala, there are many budget options available. A serviced apartment is a perfect place to comeback to. This is when you don’t have to answer to anyone and can have a hassle-free, no-rush weekend. The most attractive part about it is that you can put them on the budget hotels tag.

The next time your boss puts you in charge of the office trip, think about renting a serviced apartment. There are budget apartments across some of India’s best locations. Right from planning and arranging to the fun stories, trips bring people closer to each other. The experience of getting to know people in the comfort of a home environment is unparalleled.

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