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Royal Orchid Group of Hotels was founded by Chender K. Baljee in 1973. It operates numerous business and leisure hotels across popular destinations in India.

57 hotels across 39 destinations in India

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About Royal Orchid Hotels

The year 1973 can be recognized as the first milestone met by Royal Orchid Hotels bringing to life the ideation of promoter and managing director Mr. Chender K Baljee. Majorly tagged under the umbrella of business hotels, this chain of hotels since its inception is on an expansion spree, much to the delight of the business class.  

Proud of its 5 star amenities, these come in as purse-friendly options for all types of businessmen through their economy business hotel offerings. With 36 business and leisure hotels making their strong presence felt in 24 popular destinations, this group’s entry into the international hospitality arena was marked in 2013 when the Royal Orchid Malaika Beach Resort was inaugurated at Mwanza. Adding projects in Nairobi and Dar-Es-Salaam in Tanzania, these two properties cater to the international hospitality clientele, in more ways than one.  

Royal Orchids Hotels and Resorts in India – A Sneak Peek  

Bangalore, the IT hub of India has the advantage of 5 Royal Orchid Hotels offering a wise move to officials to enjoy a luxurious stay at any one of the hotels as they successfully wind up their official meetings. Famous for its beaches, Goa has the Royal Orchid Beach Resort and Spa inspiring families to let their hair down through a splendid holiday. This 5 star beach resort flaunting elegant rooms and suites teamed with stately decor is all set to keep the luxury and excitement of staying in a 5 star property alive. Cosmos, the fine-dining restaurant serves a multi-cuisine menu tickling the taste buds of foodies. Jaipur, the pink city backed by historical connotations has the privilege of offering 139 fully-services rooms alongside 9 pool rooms and one pool suite, all connected to Royal Orchid Hotel Jaipur, much to the delight of travellers. With a lounge bar attached to Tiger Trial, the fine dining eatery, the list of exciting options never seems to end.  

International Destination 

Hotel Royal Orchid Azure in Nairobi makes the most of its nearness to the Central Business District along with the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Offering 165 well-furnished rooms, the other leisure amenities like an outdoor swimming pool, a gym along with a lounge bar and casino add an element of unparalleled excitement. A sprawling banquet hall capable of accommodating 200 guests adds up to the list of hospitality services.  

Events and Celebrations  

It is now a simple job to proceed with the Royal Orchid hotel booking through HolidayIQ to the Royal Orchid Central Kireeti in Hampi. Best suited to host business meetings, this hotel in the historical town of Hampi demands a loud shout out. With state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, this property also brings to the table banquet facilities to make all your celebrations make an indelible imprint on your heart and mind for life.  

Satiate Your Palate  

The most frequented pilgrimage destination Haridwar has more to cheer for notwithstanding the fact that it is a religious abode. Regenta Orko’s, a part of the Royal Orchid Hotel offers tantalizing delicacies through a wide spread menu from Limelight, featuring Indian, Continental and Oriental varieties. A round the clock Salsa bar serving hot beverages is sure to excite you with its cosy ambience will surely prompt your decision to initiate online Royal Orchid hotel booking.  

The Popular Faces  

So renowned is the name of Royal Orchid Hotels that you are sure to run into famous Bollywood actors, who along with their supporting cast have stationed in one of the hotels as part of his long shooting schedule. Backed by the testimonials of Indian movie stars like Sunny Leone, Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, Royal Orchid Mysore had the privilege of extending its hospitality to Prof. Serge Haroche (A Nobel Laureate). So, if you are an ardent lover and follower of the glitzy stars, you will surely thank your stars for choosing to book Royal Orchid Hotels online when you have a fair chance of catching a glimpse of your favourite star.  

Awards – The Testimony of Unmatched Quality  

A pat on the back is surely a gesture of appreciation and when such instances are in plenty this signifies the commitment to quality lasting for years. Royal Orchid Central Pune was bestowed with the “Hotel of the Year” in 2010, along with bagging the “Best Three Star Hotel” award presented during the 2008-2009 National Tourism Award presentation. Royal Orchid Bangalore bagged the “Best Oriental Restaurant” award in 2006, presented by the Times Food Guide for Ginseng. The entire chain of hotels revelled in being recognized with the “Galileo Express Travel Award 2008” with a title of “Best Regional Hotel Brand 2007-2008”. With all these awards added feathers to the already colourful hat of Royal Orchid Hotel group, you now are sure to opt for Royal Orchid booking for your entire leisure and business requirement.

57 hotels of Royal Orchid Hotels