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Ramada is a chain of hotels owned and operated by Wyndham Worldwide. Founded in 1953, the chain's first hotel was started at Flagstaff in Arizona, USA. Ramada has more than 800 hotels across the world.

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About Ramada Hotels

Tagged under the name of Wyndham Worldwide are Ramada Hotels which are also recognized as a flourishing chain of 5 star hotels. The credit of establishing this renowned chain goes to a Chicago hotelier and restaurateur Mr. Marion W. Isbell who gave shape to hospitality services way back in 1953 partnering with an investing group. The city of Phoenix in Arizona, US was the chosen destination for the first 60 room property to open its doors to the public in 1954.  

The Multi-Tiered Ramada Hotels  

Categorized on the basis of tariff and services that these chain of Ramada Hotels have since their inception gained recognition as:  

  1. Ramada Limited:  

Serving deluxe continental breakfast and facilitated by a pool for leisure, Ramada Limited are majorly seen as budget hotels with the absence of an in-house restaurant. With a choice between deluxe rooms attached to suites, you can go ahead and book Ramada Hotels online through HolidayIQ.  

  1. Ramada Inn and Suites:  

These are primarily full-fledged accommodations with lavishly laid out pools, gymnasiums and concierge services. With a complimentary breakfast provided by an in-house restaurant, you can choose to stay either in mixed rooms or complete suites.  

  1. Ramada Hotels, Suites and Resort:  

The Ramada Hotels hotel chain operates a mix of hotels, suites and a resort outside the US, offering a host of services including room service, a full-fledged restaurant and a complete exercise centre for guests. It is here that you can expect to enjoy the look and feel of a resort as to go ahead with Ramada Hotels hotel booking.  

  1. Ramada Plaza:  

Facilitating official summits, Ramada Plaza comes across as a chain of low-end yet upscale hotels operating a business centre, concierge facilities along with the luxury of fully functional restaurants.  

  1. Ramada Resorts:  

Majorly established in destinations outside the US, these hotels make their strong presence felt in tourist destinations and places which are choc-o-block with floating population.  

  1. Ramada Worldwide: 

In line with its very name, the Ramada Worldwide is an international midscale hotel offering food and beverages with more than 800 properties spread across 47 countries around the world.  

An upscale 5 hotel with colonial-styled exteriors flaunts a columnar portico to become the pride of Hyderabad. Serving a complimentary breakfast in an Asian restaurant that operates round the clock, this hotel has an option to proceed with Ramada Hotel booking with full-fledged luxurious suites facilitated by a 24 hour concierge service. A bar to unwind is an attraction along with a spacious parking place.  

There are also standard rooms and club rooms which are open to public. And if you have an upcoming official meeting to be conducted, it comes as a wise move to proceed with an online Ramada Hotels hotel booking on the strength of a business centre. Supported by meeting and banquet halls, the Manohar comes across as a perfect choice both for official and social get-togethers. With an option to choose between 7 halls of varying accommodations and areas, you have the luxury of enjoying lush greenery coming as a breather to host business and personal parties. For the fitness enthusiasts, there is a health club which comes with rejuvenating spa facilities.  

Attractive Packages Up for Grabs  

For the newly-weds, there are honeymoon packages alongside those that can be availed as part of an extended guest programme. There are specific offers and packages for special tours and business stays.  

Exclusivity – The Second Nature of Ramada Hotels Architecture  

A loud shout out goes in favour of Ramada Udaipur Resort and Spa, featuring an exclusive style of construction which makes it stand out from the rest. Essentially matching the architecture prominent with the Mewar region, this property incorporates a traditional construction style called Tekri work. You can witness a perfect blend of courtyards and terraces with the residing places. Showcasing the architectural prowess of artisans from the region, this hotel exemplifies the finesse of these talented craftsmen, in more ways than one!  

The suites are designed with a peacock theme along with a sun-shine theme dedicated to those rooms which are east facing. Best suited to host lavish parties and dinners, this resort and spa enables guests to stretch themselves while engaging in activities like archery, yoga and cycling in addition to partaking in Rajasthani culinary classes, open for all. Thus, it will not be an exaggeration to quote that everyone gets to enjoy an “out of the world” experience.  

A Pat on the Back  

It was in June 2013 that the Ramada Hotels and Suites was conferred the Green Tourist Board award. Recognising the untiring efforts made by the Queens Road Bar & Grill at Ramada Hotel and Suites Coventry, this entity bagged the 2 Star Gold Sustainability Award.

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