989 Nature Camps ranked by travellers in India


Nature Camps in India

One of the best things about India is that the country is so large that it spans over a huge range of forests, hills and deserts, making it the perfect host to a variety of amazing nature camps and adventure camps. Whether you are near a forest, hill or a desert there is always something of interest for the camping lover in you. The different parts of India cater to different camping experiences.

Here are a few nature camps from different parts of India that are sure to soothe the camper’s soul in you:

Nature Camps in South India

  1. Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: Mudumalai lies in Tamil Nadu and shares its boundaries with Kerala and Karnataka making it a popular camping destination for people from all over South India. It is also a declared Tiger Reserve Park and is home to many endangered types, making it a sought-after wildlife nature camp too. There is a plethora of different camps set up around the park, which caters to different camping interests. Greenwoods Nature Camp is a well-known trekking camp that offers accommodation as well as lots of activities to make your stay exciting. Jungle lodges and resorts is a popular brand of nature camps in south India. The Bannerghatta Nature Camp located on the outskirts of Bangalore is a good destination for both adventure and nature lovers.
  2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Wayanad is situated in Kerala amidst acres of pristine greenery and serenity. The vast expanse of hilly terrains makes it a perfect forest camping site. A nature camp in Kerala will home a variety of flora and fauna and has been described as the destination for best nature camp in India experienced by many visitors. There are many jungle lodges and resorts around the sanctuary that promise great fun and adventure. Jungle Retreat in Wayanad is one of the best nature camps around the area. Trekking and cycling through these terrains are an experience every nature lover must have while staying in this nature camp. Kerala is host to unspoiled stretches of greenery. So, if you are looking for a nature camp in Karnataka or Kerala, Wayanad will be a great choice to go with. 

Nature Camps in North India

  1. Adventure Trekking in Dehradun: If you’re looking to escape the heat and monotony of Delhi and are looking for adventure camps near the city, Dehradun would be a perfect choice. Nestled in the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges, Dehradun is an exquisite and charming little city. There are a wide range of adventurous activities that can be covered here. You can either erect your own tents or book hotels online. Booking hotels online ensures an accommodation before you reach the campsite. Holiday cottages are also good alternatives for accommodations. Homestays in India are an experience in itself and would be a good accommodation choice if you want to plunge yourself into the culture of Dehradun along with the adventure it offers.
  2. Adventure Camps in Ladakh: Ladakh, situated in Jammu and Kashmir has breath-taking landscapes, enticing snow covered peaks and rugged surfaces, placing it at the top of every adventure junkie’s wish list. Camp Water Mark and Camp Whispering Waves, located on the banks of Pangong Lake, are a good choice of accommodation while indulging in all the adventure activities Ladakh has to offer. However, you can also choose to stay in the best hotels of India and plan a drive to these nature camps instead.

Nature Camps in West India

  1. Wind Desert Camps, Jaisalmer: Rajasthan is certainly one of the best destinations for desert camp experiences. The Desert of Thar is the best-known desert that offers tented accommodations right in the middle of it. Located near Delhi, these deserts make for good adventure camps for travellers from Delhi or nearby places. At the core of the Thar Desert is Jaisalmer, which is a beautiful walled city of immense historical importance. Most of these desert camps offer camel rides and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local folk music. With lots of options for desert safari camps, Jaisalmer is a popular choice for people coming from all over India to experience the winds desert camp. 
  2. Ranthambore National Park: The Ranathmbore National Park is famous for having a dense population of tigers and is also known for being a Tiger Park. Adventure camps in Ranthambore organise forest safaris, river safaris and water activities in Mansarovar Lake and Surwal Lake. You can set up base in Vanya Vilas, which is a highly-visited place for accommodations. From there you can indulge in all your favourite adventure activities. You can also visit the surrounding areas, which also houses a variety of wild camps. India does indeed have a plethora of choices for adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.

Nature Camps in East India

  1. Latpanchar Camping Ground, Darjeeling: Darjeeling’s rocky and rugged landscapes coupled with the breath-taking greenery and hills make it a favourite spot for camping among lots of adventure enthusiasts. The Latpanchar village plays host to a large camping ground, which is spread over 5 acres on top of a hill, overlooking the river Teesta. White water rafting, bird watching, trekking, mountain-biking, canoeing and jungle survival are the most common activities provided by this adventure camp. 
  2. Samsing Rocky Island Camp: This nature camp is organised on the banks of River Murti and is a semi-permanent camping accommodation with the capacity to house up to 100 campers. This adventure camp also offers the same activities as the Latpanchar camp. Other options for a good stay include accommodation facilities by the Club Mahindra Holidays group for a luxurious stay. The Mahindra group manages a host of properties in the North East, which promises a luxurious and comfortable stay for all who choose to stay there. 

There is no dearth of good camping sites in India. Every village, town and state has its own tourist attractions and all of them have extremely good accommodations for the same. It is rightly said that it will take an individual an entire lifetime for him to explore every nook and cranny of India. The allure lies in the strategic positioning of our country, which is landlocked in the top half and welcomes the sea in the bottom half. Thus, ensuring adequate adventure activities for the water-adventure lovers as well as the land-adventure lovers.