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Homestays in India

There are times when you really want a change of scene but are too lazy to leave the comfort of a home. A simple solution to this is to find an accommodation in homestays. Nothing spells ‘my custom holiday’ like a homestay. When you talk about a homestay, India is one of the countries that come to mind. As a result of growing tourism, resorts and hotels in India have grown in the past decades and now cater to different travellers with different needs. Everything from the luxury homestay to cheapest budget homestay is at your disposal.

Here are some of the facilities available if you choose an accommodation in homestay:

  1. Fully furnished: We call home, a home for a reason. If you are looking for accommodation for a few days or you are travelling with a big group, home stays are the best options. Whether you rent out a bungalow for a large group or a small flat for a few close friends, you will feel relaxed in a great option for a homestay or guesthouse in India.
  2. Warmth: Families run most homestays in India. There are pretty high chances that the landlord and landlady will join you for your morning coffee or English breakfast. In addition to hosting, they also make great advisers to the guest, be it intern, tourist or student. Staying at places like these often give you a sense of security and familiarity. It is also the best way to understand how locals go about their daily lives and can prove to be a very insightful experience.
  3. Experience: You don’t have to depend on the room service for your morning hot coffee or that nightcap of hot chocolate. You can make them in your own room or share it with your hosts who will take care to see that you are comfortable. Every experience in a home stay is unique, as every house and host is different. You will take back with you the memories of both the place and its people.The Sundara Mahal establishment is ranked one of the top ranked home stays you should check out.

Here is how a service apartment could suit your every holiday:

  1. Special occasions: Events like these don’t come your way too often, but with our busy lives these days, these are the only times you can bond with your loved ones. Birthdays and reunions are just a few examples of when the family and friends get together. Exploit those rare moments by surprising them with an inexpensive homestay in India. Since these are the most important people in your life, treat them to luxury. The Club Mahindra hotelsoffer similar experiences. It’s not just the tourist hotspots though you can find an accommodation in a homestay in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and other cities too. These establishments make for great celebrations and bonding over group activities.
  2. Weekend getaways: Spontaneous plans are always the most fun. If you have a small group that loves surprises, get inspired and go on a trip this very weekend! There are plenty of pocket-friendly options in popular spots like beaches and hill stations, which are ideal for the light traveller, both domestic and international. If you are from a metro like Bangalore, you can check out the inexpensive rental homestays in Coorg or Kodaikanal for the perfect Himalayan holidays. Nearby homestays in Madikeri and Sakleshpur homestays are also large in number. The same is true for every city. With such accommodations, you can enjoy the best of the local flavours, and have a hassle-free weekend.
  3. Corporate or organization travel: Trips are one of the best ways to get people involved with each other. Right from planning and arranging to the fun stories, there can be no doubt that trips bring people closer to each other. Many organizations make a trip at least every few months, to improve the team dynamics and their workplace. When looking for cheap Indian homestays, there are number of options in some truly beautiful locations. Consider homestays in Chikmagalur, Ooty, Cochin, Goa or Kerala. A house is the best place to come back to after a tiring day of treks or adventure sports. Indian Homestays are also great options for school or college students who come on exchange programs.
  4. Going solo: Self-discovery and introspection are some qualities that everyone needs now and then. Finding these moments in your everyday routine is not easy, but when in the right environment, it leaves you feeling refreshed. No longer do you have to be a rebel to make a trip on your own. There are plenty of safe options for solo travellers. Homestays or even service apartments in India can be of varying types, but perfect for the single traveller. You will get the best of the place when you interact with new people and discover things by yourself. These homestays let you experience peace while living in the lap of nature. 
  5. With your better half: One doesn’t need to have a reason to take a trip with your special someone. You don’t need to look far to make the trip perfect either. There are many private homestays in scenic locations that you can choose from, all of them offering the just the comfort that you need when on holiday. Biovalley resort in Munnar, Tukchu Home-Stay in Leh Ladakh, Wayanad Tea Plantation in Wayanad and FM Villa Home Stay Pondicherry are some of the good lodging options in the country to name a few.

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