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Guest Houses in India

A holiday is never complete without a comfortable place to stay. An even better offer would be a place to stay that you could compare to your home. If all you want to do is relax and unwind, then instead of the commercial room in one of the hotels of India, opt for a guest house that suits your fancy. Guest houses are much more affordable, homely, and casual. They consist of a comfortable room, private shower, and all the other basic requirements needed. From the best guest houses in India, choose the one that makes you reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.

A guesthouse is meant to be clean, comfortable and cosy. But you can also look out for other perks such as the view, facilities and other features. Some of the different kinds of guest houses in India are:

  1. City guest housesAs self-explanatory as it is, this kind of guest house is located at the prime locations within the city. They come with all basic amenities and reflect a personal style that you cannot find in a hotel. The food is home cooked and served with love and warmth. Cheap guest houses are also available giving you close proximity to all the city sights. iLodge Malleshwaram, The Sanctum Suites and Airavatam Guest House are some of the best guest houses in Bangalore. Other big cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi also have many affordable guest houses that match the quality of luxury hotels.
  2. Forest guest houses: For the wild spirit within you, these homestays in India offer an incredible experience that transcends all other hotel experiences. The best part is that they come under budget hotels. The common furnishings of wooden cane furniture serve as humble lodging services and the fact that the forest is right outside gives you a sense of adventure and excitement. They usually come with comfortable rooms, excellent dining options, and a chance for recreational activities as well. For a weekend of just relaxation and peace, choose a forest guest house and connect with nature and yourself.
  3. Bed and Breakfast: Bed and Breakfast hotels are cheap hotels in India that are gaining momentum in many places and reflect English lifestyle. Originally the concept is that one can stay overnight and is provided with a single hearty breakfast. Other establishments that offer similar services are farm houses in India. It is a wonderful choice for couples or honeymooners who are looking for some alone time. BnBs offer scrumptious home cooked meals, humble rooms and a scenic location that can leave you in awe.
  4. Beach guest houses: What could be better than a lavish guest house by the beach? These hotels are an amazing option for the beach lovers as most of them are in close proximity to the sun and sand. You can hear the waves crashing onto the shore while you sip your morning beverage and bask in the sun for as long as you want. These hotels wrap you in warmth and hospitality and provide you with an adventure of a lifetime. Maitri Sweet Living, Romeos Place, Sea-Asta Beach Guest House and Anjuna Pebbles are some of the popular beach guest houses in Goa that serve thousands of guests with the same undying hospitality with completely furnished rooms, home-cooked meals, and a gracious host who tends to fulfil every need. These types of guest houses make up for some of the best homestays in India and let you experience the fun and frolic that the India has to offer.

If you are travelling with a huge group or family, the best option would be a guest house. Usually, they offer rooms or cottages as large enough to accommodate as many as 10 people. Many factors also come in while choosing a guest house such as cost, location, etc.

  1. Cost: It is known that guest houses, homestays and farm houses in India are much cheaper than hotels but even then, one will need to make sure that the cost comes under the budget while booking a hotel. Guest house accommodations generally reflect the cost so make sure you read the reviews and carry out your research before booking. Guest houses in exotic locations are bound to cost more however many local families have converted their own homes into guest houses that don’t cost too much and come with a loving family who would tend to meet all your requirements.
  2. Location: Guest houses are majorly classified based on their locations and choosing one would greatly depend on where you would like to spend your vacation. The best guest house would be some place close to the railway station or airport and be in close proximity to all the major attractions, for example, guest houses in Pondicherry have many affordable and convenient options for travellers. If the true purpose of your holiday is to have a surreal experience then guest houses placed in exotic locations such as forests, beaches, deserts, etc. would be the best places to stay.
  3. Bookings: The problem of having to go to a travel agency to carry out guest house booking is now solved with technology. All you need to do is log onto the HolidayIQ website and check out the guest house booking options. To provide you the best accommodation, HolidayIQ compares top guest houses in India and offer you the best one with great deals and discounts. From the number of options, choose the guest house that suits your requirements and mood and enjoy a holiday that is bound to uplift your spirits.

The idea behind a guest house is to unwind and reflect on life in an environment that is close to home. Make sure that you choose the right and safe location for you and your family and help yourself to a holiday you truly deserve. Liberate yourself from the gruelling and mind-numbing rituals of everyday life.