79 Boutique Hotels ranked by travellers in India


Boutique Hotels in India

The Boutique hotels started showing up in the 1980s in real urban communities worldwide. Most property experts concur that for a property to be viewed as a boutique hotel, it ought not to be much greater than 100 rooms. These small Boutique Hotels’ cosy sizes deliver their trademark to the traveller’s feeling with a unique vibe.

Most travellers appreciate the reduced size and wrapping environment of luxurious boutique hotels. The trendy boutique resorts are filled with extraordinary facilities, such as spas, clubs, yoga and painting classes. Hotels in India offer mesmerising stay options for the travellers, who want to unwind all alone on private beaches or set out from an extravagant tree house. Similar experiences can be availed in Luxury resorts, inns and Spas.

Boutique Hotels in Bangalore

The city of Bangalore offers you the best of both worlds. Its cosmopolitan city vibe and its lush gardens give you the perfect mix of contemporary and natural scenes. Bangalore Boutique hotels provide a nice stay for their guests, for example, Akshaya Aura Hotel is known for its cool mix of traditional and charming architecture has great reviews and rates from the users. Escape Hotel & Spa, The Park Bangalore and The Paul Bangalore are some other good boutique hotels in Bangalore.

Boutique Hotels in Goa

Surrounded by the mesmerising wildlife and charismatic view of the Arabian Sea, the boutique hotels in Goa are situated amidst nature. Nilaya Hermitage, one of the romantic and intimate boutique hotels in Goa, provides its guests with a splendid experience and beautifully designed rooms inspired by Arabian Nights and Moorish architecture. What makes it special is that you can laze by the pool or enjoy the breeze and waves of the sea anytime you want to which will bring to you a relaxing and unwinding experience for the best holiday. Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort, White Pearl Suites and Sur La Mer are few other good boutique hotels in Goa.

Goa offers a variety of upscale accommodations and world’s best boutique hotels to make the travellers stay a pleasurable and unique one.

Boutique Hotels in Delhi

Boutique hotels in Delhi give the travellers a harmonious experience in a unique blend of cultural and contemporary sophistication with elegant interiors, modern luxury bedding, impeccable service and delicious cuisine. Shanti Home in New Delhi, is one of the leading luxury boutique hotels of North India and offers great deals for their guest while also providing luxury accommodation. The Imperial Hotel, Jasmine Boutique Hotel, Wood Castle and La Sagrita are some other good boutique hotels in Delhi.

Boutique deluxe hotels in Delhi offer a contemporary setting with a hint of Indian tradition to back to the old customs. If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Delhi, try visiting the Anopura hotel in Jaipur which is possibly the world’s smallest boutique hotel. This little hotel offers two guestrooms and a luxury tent.

Types of Boutique Hotels

There are many types of boutique hotels that offer a variety of accommodation and experience to travellers:

  1. Chic boutique hotels: There are some boutique hotel owners who want to have an independent and unique setting for their guests. Here the style and artistic influence is the central theme to the Boutique’s décor and setting. A lot of artwork, craftsmanship and skill can be viewed in the ambience of these kinds of hotels. These boutique hotels could be independently owned or be a part of luxury hotels chain. Some of the 5-star hotels build a separated boutique wing for their special guests for an exclusive treatment. These brands create a vibe of individuality and provide an extraordinary stay for their guests.
  2. Contemporary boutique hotels: These kinds of Boutique hotels provide a contemporary vibe with special decor for travellers who look for an exclusive experience. These boutique hotels can be found in the middle of the crowded city or isolated out of town. They are usually run to cater to exclusive clients and guests. Being part of such an experience is sure to be one of your most memorable holidays.
  3. Boutique hotels restored from old villas: Fine boutique hotels like these are known to be restored from old palaces or mansions that were owned by peoples from decades before. Some are rebuilt and designed with a sophisticated sensibility while some are still left with their original vintage touch. You will also learn a great deal about the history, local life and customs of the location that the boutique is set in.
  4. Boutique hotels created to focus on food and beverage: Some boutique hotels draw the city crowd for their stylish bars or lounge with a luxurious restaurant and a coffee java joint makes them hip and stylish between other accommodations in the town. Here you can treat your taste buds do some international, as well as local cuisines, prepared by top chefs and staff.

Overall, boutique hotels in India provide the best experience for the travellers who want an escape from the chaotic and hectic city life and enjoy a relaxing and unwinding holiday with family or group of friends. All the boutique accommodations will grant their guests with the best facilities where the rooms are lavish with an elegant and luxuriant design. The staff is highly trained to maintain all the needs for the guests and fill the entire questionnaire about the surrounded area, as well as the other facilities and activities provided by the boutique hotel such as a rejuvenating spa, ayurvedic massage, meditation and yoga.

Not to forget the extraordinary and exquisite variety of food from all around the region, most of the boutique hotels provide all the facilities needed for the guests such as Wi-Fi, breakfast, doctor-on-call, transportation, city map, etc. All this will guarantee the most pleasurable stay for the guests.

Selecting and booking finest boutique hotels are easy tasks in today’s day and age. There are websites that provide the best hotel booking options where the user can easily access great offers and deals.

Many offers are available online that suit traveller’s requirements from cheap and budget-friendly hotels to 5-star or luxury boutique hotels making planning for the holidays easy and enjoyable.