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Ladakh (Leh) (5N), Nubra Valley (1N), Pangong (1N)
Srinagar (4N), Pahalgam (1N)
Ladakh (Leh) (4N), Nubra Valley (1N), Pangong (1N)
Manali (4N)
Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N), Munnar (2N)
New Delhi (1N), Agra (1N), Jaipur (2N)
Ladakh (Leh) (4N), Nubra Valley (1N)
Darjeeling (2N), Gangtok (3N)
Manali (3N), Kullu (1N), Naggar (1N)
Manali (3N), Dharamshala (2N)
Srinagar (3N), Gulmarg (1N)
Udaipur (2N), Mount Abu (2N)
Darjeeling (2N), Kalimpong (1N), Gangtok (2N)
Kochi (Cochin) (1N), Munnar (1N), Alappuzha (Alleppey) (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (1N)
Pahalgam (2N), Srinagar (3N), Katra (2N)
Manali (3N), Chandigarh (1N), Amritsar (1N)
Darjeeling (2N), Kalimpong (1N), Gangtok (3N)
Darjeeling (2N), Pelling (2N), Gangtok (3N), Kalimpong (1N)
Ladakh (Leh) (5N), Nubra Valley (1N)
Jaipur (2N), Pushkar (1N), Jodhpur (1N), Udaipur (1N), Mount Abu (1D)
Sonepur (5N)
Uttarkashi (5N)
Srinagar (3N), Gulmarg (2N)
Jaipur (2N), Pushkar (1N), Jodhpur (1N), Udaipur (1N)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (1N), Kumarakom (2N)
Kochi (Cochin) (3N), Thekkady(Periyar) (2N)
Gangtok (3N), Lachung (2N)
Gangtok (2N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (2N)
Guwahati (1N), Cherrapunjee (2N), Shillong (2N)
Ladakh (Leh) (5N)
Pelling (4N), Darjeeling (1N)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (2N), Kochi (Cochin) (1N)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (1N), Alappuzha (Alleppey) (1N), Kovalam (1N)
Bandipur National Park (1N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N)
Nainital (3N), Corbett (2N)
Mount Abu (1N), Jaipur (2N), Ajmer (1N)
Mumbai (3N), Shirdi (1N)
Nainital (2N), Haridwar (2N)
Guwahati (2N), Shillong (3N)
Munnar (2N), Alappuzha (Alleppey) (1N)
Pune (2N)
Srinagar (2N), Sonamarg (1N)
Srinagar (4N)
Gangtok (4N), Lachung (1N)
Pahalgam (1N), Srinagar (3N), Sonamarg (1N)
Auli (2N), Uttarakhand (3N)
Dharamshala (5N)
Pelling (2N), Gangtok (3N)
Nainital (2N), Kausani (1N), Corbett (2N)
Srinagar (2N), Gulmarg (3N)
Srinagar (4N), Pahalgam (1N)
Pelling (3N), Ravangla (1N), Namchi (1N)
Gangtok (3N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (1N)
Mussoorie (3N), Corbett (2N)
Srinagar (3N), Pahalgam (2N)
Delhi (2N), Srinagar (3N)
Garhwal (5N)
Badrinath (1N), Mana (4N), Haridwar (1D)
Srinagar (1N), Gulmarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N), Katra (1N), Jammu (1N)
Chandigarh (2N), Shimla (1N), Manali (3N)
Coimbatore (1N), Ooty (2N), Munnar (1N), Kodaikanal (2N)
Darjeeling (2N), Kalimpong (2N), Gangtok (2N)
Bangalore (1N), Mysore (1N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N)
Mysore (1N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N)
Srinagar (3N), Sonamarg (1N), Pahalgam (2N)
Delhi (2N), Bharatpur (3N)
Srinagar (3N), Sonamarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Srinagar (5N)
Delhi (1N), Nainital (1N), Kausani (2N), Ranikhet (1N)
Jaipur (1N), Jodhpur (1N), Udaipur (2N), Delhi (1N)
Joshimath (1N), Uttarakhand (4N)
Amritsar (1N), Dharamshala (2N), Dalhousie (2N)
Nainital (2N), Kasunai (2N), Corbett (1N)
Srinagar (2N), Gulmarg (1N), Sonamarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Gulmarg (2N), Pahalgam (2N), Srinagar (1N)
Auli (2N), Joshimath (2N), Valley of flowers (1N)
Himachal Pradesh (4N)
Lachen (2N), Lachung (2N)
Gangtok (2N), Darjeeling (2N), Bagdogra (1D)
Alappuzha (Alleppey) (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (2N)
Uttarkashi (4N)
Puri (2N), Bhubaneswar (2N)
Bangalore (1N), Mysore (1N), Ooty (2N)
Srinagar (2N), Gulmarg (2N)
Garhwal (4N)
Manali (3N), Chandigarh (1N)
Coorg (1N), Mysore (1N), Ooty (2N)
Kanatal (2N), Mussoorie (2N)
Ooty (2N), Wayanad (2N)
Srinagar (2N), Gulmarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Uttarakhand (3N), Chopta (1N)
Delhi (1N), Nainital (1N), Kausani (2N)
Shillong (2N), Cherrapunjee (2N)
Darjeeling (4N), Bagdogra (1D)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (2N), Kochi (Cochin) (1D)
Jaipur (2N), Agra (2N)
Darjeeling (1N), Gangtok (3N)
Wayanad (2N), Bekal (2N)
Chennai (2N), Pondicherry (2N)
Kashmir (4N)
Gangtok (2N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (1N)
Agartala (4N)
Ponda (4N)
Auli (4N)
Gangtok (2N), Zuluk (2N)
Nainital (2N), Corbett (2N)
Guwahati (1N), Shillong (2N)
Sonamarg (2N), Srinagar (2N)
Nainital (3N)
Nainital (2N), Corbett (1N)
Darjeeling (1N), Kalimpong (1N), Gangtok (2N), Bagdogra (1D)
Darjeeling (4N)
Darjeeling (2N), Gangtok (2N)
Srinagar (2N), Sonamarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Nainital (2N), Ranikhet (1N), Almora (1N)
Meghalaya (4N)
Coorg (2N), Ooty (2N)
Ladakh (Leh) (4N)
Katra (2N), Patnitop (2N)
Corbett (2N), Kausani (2N)
Nainital (2N), Ranikhet (1N), Corbett (1N)
Darjeeling (1N), Gangtok (3N), Bagdogra (1D)
Nainital (4N)
Gangtok (4N)
Nainital (2N), Kausani (2N), Corbett (2N)
Goa (6N)
Srinagar (1N), Kargil (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (3N), Pangong (1N)
Guwahati (1N), Bomdila (1N), Tawang (4N)
Kerala (6N)
Gangtok (2N), Pelling (2N), Darjeeling (2N)
Kargil (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (5N)
Delhi (1N), Rishikesh (1N), Auli (4N)
Gangtok (2N), Lachen (2N), Lachung (2N)
Delhi (3N), Agra (1N), Jaipur (2N)
Bagdogra (1N), Pelling (3N), Darjeeling (2N)
Manali (3N), Dharamshala (2N), Chandigarh (1N)
Rishikesh (6N)
Srinagar (3N), Sonamarg (2N), Pahalgam (1N)
Srinagar (1N), Pahalgam (2N), Gulmarg (3N)
Auli (5N), Uttarakhand (1N)
Jaipur (2N), Jodhpur (1N), Jaisalmer (2N), Bikaner (1N)
Delhi (1N), Nainital (2N), Kausani (2N), Corbett (2N)
Mussoorie (2N), Pauri (2N), Lansdowne (2N)
Guwahati (2N), Tawang (3N), Bomdila (1N)
Mussoorie (2N), Corbett (2N), Nainital (2N)
Mysore (2N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N), Bangalore (1D)
Nainital (3N), Corbett (1N)
Uttarakhand (6N)
Gulmarg (6N), Delhi (1D)
Pahalgam (1N), Srinagar (3N), Sonamarg (2N)
Nubra Valley (6N)
Katra (2N), Srinagar (1N), Gulmarg (1N), Sonamarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Darjeeling (1N), Pelling (2N), Gangtok (3N)
Manali (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (4N), Nubra Valley (1N)
West Bengal (6N)
Coorg (2N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N)
Srinagar (6N)
Srinagar (1N), Pahalgam (1N), Gulmarg (1N), Sonamarg (1N)
Bangalore (1N), Mysore (1N), Coorg (2N)
Srinagar (5N), Pahalgam (1N)
Manali (2N), Ladakh (Leh) (3N), Pangong (1N)
Uttarkashi (5N), Rishikesh (1N)
Goa (3N), Dandeli (3N)
Gangtok (3N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (2N)
Gangtok (3N), Darjeeling (3N)
Chandigarh (3N), Dharamshala (1N), Katra (2N)
Pelling (2N), Ravangla (1N), Gangtok (3N)
Pelling (4N), Yuksam (2N)
Pelling (2N), Namchi (1N), Gangtok (3N)
Ladakh (Leh) (6N)
Manali (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (5N)
Delhi (1N), Rishikesh (3N), Chopta (2N)
Darjeeling (6N)
Bangalore (1N), Coorg (2N)
Pelling (2N), Ravangla (1N)
Athirappilly (3N)
Sunderbans (3N)
Chennai (3N)
Kausani (3N)
Jammu & Kashmir (3N)
Gulmarg (2N), Srinagar (1N)
Rishikesh (1N), Chopta (2N)
Shillong (3N)
Kochi (Cochin) (3N)
Srinagar (3N)
Pune (3N)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady(Periyar) (1N), Kochi (Cochin) (1D)

4 Days, 3 Nights

Adventure,Jetty Rides,Speed Boat Rides,Art Galleries ,Churches,City,Coffee Estates,Couple,Cultural events,Cycling,Dams,Economy,Family,Gardens,Hiking,Historic Buildings,Horse Riding,Landmarks,Leisure,Long weekend visits,Luxury,Markets/Bazaars,Memorials,Monuments,Mountains,Museums,Natural events,Parks,Picnic Spots,Places of Worship,Ponds,Reservoirs,Rivers,Rock Climbing,Rocks,Romantic,Solo,Sporting events,Streets,Sweet Stall,Tea Estates,Trails,Trekking,Valleys,Value for money,View Points,Villages,Walkways,Wildlife,Zoos,Backwaters,Beaches,Best Deals,Birding,Day Treks,Eco-friendly,Entertainment,Ayurveda,Spa,Wellness,Yoga,Hills,Honeymoon,Romance,Lakes,Rivers,Waterfalls,Waterfront,Land Adventure,Local Food Tours,Market Tours,Monsoon,Monsoon Treks,Night Treks,Photography Tours,Road Trips,Rural,Shopping,Solo Tours,Summer Treks,Temple Visits,Watersports,Weekend Getaways,Elephant Camps,Forests,National Parks,Reserves,Safaris,Sanctuaries,Women Only Tours
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
  • 4/5 Star
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Badami (2N), Hospet (1N)
Chopta (3N)
Bangalore (1N), Puttaparthi (1N), Tirupati (1N)
Bandipur National Park (1N), Ooty (2N)
Bangalore (1N), Mysore (2N)
Jammu (3N)
Dharamshala (1N), Dalhousie (1N), Khajjiar (1N), Chandigarh (1D)
Munnar (2N), Alappuzha (Alleppey) (1N), Kochi (Cochin) (1D)

4 Days, 3 Nights

Adventure,Jetty Rides,Speed Boat Rides,Churches,City,Couple,Dams,Economy,Family,Gardens,Historic Buildings,Landmarks,Leisure,Long weekend visits,Luxury,Markets/Bazaars,Memorials,Monuments,Mountains,Museums,Natural events,Parks,Picnic Spots,Ponds,Reservoirs,Rivers,Rock Climbing,Rocks,Romantic,Seasoned traveller,Solo,Tea Estates,Trails,Trekking,Valleys,Value for money,View Points,Villages,Walkways,Wildlife,Backwaters,Beaches,Best Deals,Day Treks,Eco-friendly,Entertainment,Ayurveda,Spa,Wellness,Yoga,Hills,Houseboats,Honeymoon,Romance,Islands,Lakes,Rivers,Waterfalls,Waterfront,Land Adventure,Local Food Tours,Market Tours,Monsoon,Monsoon Treks,Photography Tours,Road Trips,Rural,Shopping,Solo Tours,Summer Treks,Watersports,Weekend Getaways,Elephant Camps,Forests,National Parks,Reserves,Safaris,Sanctuaries,Winter Treks,Women Only Tours
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
  • 4/5 Star
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Ooty (3N)
Dalhousie (3N)
Ramgarh (3N)
Mount Abu (2N)
Srinagar (1N), Gulmarg (1N), Pahalgam (1N)
Kashmir (3N)
Munnar (2N), Kochi (Cochin) (1N)
Dharamshala (1N), Dalhousie (2N)
Coimbatore (1N), Ooty (2N)
Thekkady (Periyar) (3N)
Ranthambore (3N)
Delhi (1N), Nainital (1N), Almora (1N), Ranikhet (1D)
Delhi (1N), Rishikesh (2N)
Pondicherry (2N), Chennai (1N)
Sonamarg (2N), Srinagar (1N)
Yercaud (3N)
Nainital (3N), Corbett (2N), Mussoorie (2N)
Arki (1N), Himachal Pradesh (6N)
Pahalgam (2N), Srinagar (4N), Sonamarg (1N)
Bangalore (2N), Mysore (1N), Coorg (2N), Ooty (2N)
Manali (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (4N), Nubra Valley (1N), Pangong (1N)
Rishikesh (1N), Joshimath (1N), Uttarakhand (4N), Dehradun (1N)
Bangalore (1N), Mysore (2N), Ooty (2N), Kodaikanal (2N), Coimbatore (1D)
Gangtok (4N), Lachung (1N), Darjeeling (2N)
Darjeeling (1N), Gangtok (3N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (2N)
Gangtok (3N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (1N), Darjeeling (2N)
Sonamarg (7N)
Ahmedabad (2N), Bhavnagar (2N), Sasan gir (2N), Diu (2N)
Munnar (2N), Kumarakom (1N), Kochi (Cochin) (1D)

4 Days, 3 Nights

Adventure,Jetty Rides,Speed Boat Rides,Churches,City,Couple,Dams,Economy,Family,Gardens,Gateways,Ghats,Group,Historic Buildings,Landmarks,Leisure,Long weekend visits,Luxury,Markets/Bazaars,Memorials,Monuments,Mountains,Museums,Natural events,Parks,Picnic Spots,Places of Worship,Ponds,Reservoirs,Resort Communities,Rivers,Rocks,Romantic,Solo,Streets,Sweet Stall,Tea Estates,Trails,Trekking,Valleys,Value for money,View Points,Villages,Walkways,Wildlife,Backwaters,Beaches,Birding,Cruises,Day Treks,Eco-friendly,Ayurveda,Spa,Wellness,Yoga,Hills,Honeymoon,Romance,Islands,Lakes,Rivers,Waterfalls,Waterfront,Land Adventure,Local Food Tours,Market Tours,Monsoon,Monsoon Treks,Photography Tours,Road Trips,Rural,Shopping,Solo Tours,Summer Treks,Watersports,Weekend Getaways,Elephant Camps,Forests,National Parks,Reserves,Sanctuaries,Winter Treks,Women Only Tours
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer
  • Sightseeing
  • 4/5 Star
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Bangalore (2N), Mysore (1N), Coorg (1N), Ooty (3N)
Yuksam (2N), Pelling (5N)
Manali (2N), Ladakh (Leh) (4N), Nubra Valley (1N)
Kalimpong (1N), Darjeeling (2N), Pelling (2N), Gangtok (2N)
Darjeeling (2N), Gangtok (3N), Lachung (2N)
Himachal Pradesh (7N)
Garhwal (7N)
Lachung (2N), Gurudongmar (1N)
Mysore (1N), Wayanad (2N)
Manali (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (1N), Lahaul and Spiti (1N), Himachal Pradesh (4N)
Amritsar (2N), Chandigarh (1N)
Tripura (7N)
Mysore (3N), Ooty (1D)
Darjeeling (2N), Pelling (2N), Gangtok (3N)
Pelling (2N), Gangtok (3N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (1N)
Munnar (2N), Thekkady (Periyar) (1N), Kumarakom (2N), Varkala (2N)
Srinagar (1N), Kargil (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (3N), Nubra Valley (1N), Pangong (1N)
Gangtok (4N), Lachen (1N), Lachung (2N)
Nainital (3N), Ranikhet (2N), Corbett (2N)
Chamba (2N)
Thekkady (Periyar) (2N)
Lavasa (2N)
Matheran (2N)
Mandi (2N)
Dalhousie (2N)
Ooty (2N)
Tadoba (2N)
Bhimtal (2N)
Jammu (2N)
Puri (2N), Bhubaneswar (1D)
Nainital (2N)
Gurgaon (2N)
Kashmir (2N)
Munnar (2N), Kochi (Cochin) (1D)
Nainital (1N), Mukteshwar (1N)
Jammu & Kashmir (2N)
Pondicherry (2N)
Bhubaneswar (1N), Puri (1N), Konark (1D)
Kochi (Cochin) (2N)
Darjeeling (2N), Kalimpong (1D)
Pokaran (1N)
Badami (2N)
Lachung (2N)
Jaisalmer (1N), Jodhpur (1N)
Lonar (2N)
Binsar (2N)
Gangtok (2N)
Lansdowne (2N)
Srinagar (2N)
McLeodganj (2N)
Manali (1N), Ladakh (Leh) (6N), Nubra Valley (1N)