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Jaipur, the very name is associated with bravery, valour and a glorious past, reminiscent of the achievements of the indomitable Rajput warriors. Jaipur is abode to magnificent palaces, splendid forts and charming architecture. A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without munching on the local Rajasthani cuisine

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"Maharaja's Dream and The City Of Victory!"

Saranya Devanathan

Saranya Devanathan4.6/5

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Architectural beauty

Jaipur is very touristy. Everyone from the cab drivers to restaurants take good care of tourist. The whole of pink city is seen only in old town. The new buildings don't bother to make the pink city theme. But new arches that has come up in all directions including the one by a builder and developer is made with pink paint and trellises architecture.
One needs at least 3 days to visit important places without any leg pain. If one needs to go to Ajmer and Pushkar, please add another day. All the forts are worth the visit - but not on the same day. By evening most of the attractions close off. So one night with Amber palace sound and light show and one night at Chokhi Dhani village, is a good plan. May be shopping and enjoying the bargaining game at Bapu bazaar one evening.
Every hotel arranges taxis for sight seeing. Otherwise there is Uber at any time. Especially to the air port Uber charges only for the travel, say Rs. 230 whereas the taxis charge both ways Rs. 500. All are very reliable.
At Jaipur one can manage without knowing any Hindi also.
There are traffic jams at office hours in busy roads. But the taxi drivers know about it and take different roads to reach the airport. But Jaipur airport is messy with long queues and no proper sign boards. So it is better to arrive 1 hour earlier than the boarding time.
Seeing many foreign tourists itself an attraction at Jaipur. Few of them took my photograph to show an old lady in elegant saree.
Though I visited in November, the day was hot needing cap and goggles and night cold with sweater and shawl.
I got a cushioned top from Bapu bazaar for Rs. 800 for evening trip to Chokhi Dhani. Enjoying Jaipuri food was done at Chokhi Dhani. Nothing interesting except different type of halwas. One hard ball to be broken and eaten with a sweet dish - I did not like it.

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Surinder gill

Surinder gill3.6/5

3 reviews

The Pink City

If you are going to witness a heritage city you will find it there. But the upkeep of the heritage pinches you. The ambience created is also a mixture; instead of pink hues now you find quite many colours. History speaks there through the older land marks. More plantations need to make the visit soothing in the deserts of the Rajputana. If your a compulsive conversationist you can find out a lot more about the culture, the traditional fervour and the folk lores . . But overall it's a bustling city with business and culture, set against the dry rocks (in summers).

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I am heading to Jaipur

Jaipur Video Reviews

Good place  Video Review

Good place

An enchanting view from nahargarh fort  Video Review

An enchanting view from nahargarh fort

A Royal Residence and A Royal Exhibition  Video Review

A Royal Residence and A Royal Exhibition

Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799  Video Review

Built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799

Hall of private audience and for royal meetings  Video Review

Hall of private audience and for royal meetings

Thousands of tiny mirrors are used to design this  Video Review

Thousands of tiny mirrors are used to design this

It was built by Ram Singh II in 1868  Video Review

It was built by Ram Singh II in 1868

Beautiful fort - well preserved  Video Review

Beautiful fort - well preserved

Inside of Amber palace(diwan-e-khaas)  Video Review

Inside of Amber palace(diwan-e-khaas)

Ramchandra old temple  Video Review

Ramchandra old temple

Jaipur Overview

History of Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan is also known as the ‘Pink City’. Jaipur is an enchanting historical city and was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh, the King of Amer. Also, the city of Jaipur is named after him.

During the rule of Sawai Ram Singh, the city of Jaipur was painted pink to greet Prince Edward and Queen Victoria. Since then, Jaipur came to be known as the Pink City. The City also remains to be the gateway to India’s exuberant state of Rajasthan.

People and Culture of Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the popular tourist places in India. All year round, it is swarming with tourists from all over the world. The colourful streets, a blend of old and new Jaipur and the rich splendour cultural heritage are Jaipur’s most attractive features. The main language of Jaipur is Rajasthani but Marwari, Hindi and English are also spoken here. It has a good cosmopolitan mix in terms of population and culture, celebrating Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim and Christian festivals. Few of the main festivals of Jaipur are Gangaur festival, Teej festival, Elephant Fair, Jaipur Literature festival, Kite festival, Chhat ka Mela in Amber during Navratri.

Things to Do in Jaipur

Jaipur is abode to magnificent palaces, splendid forts and charming architectural buildings and hence there are a lot of sightseeing in Jaipur that tourists must indulge in. City Palace is one of the most popular Jaipur attractions. With a charismatic architecture, this palace has gardens, courtyards and many other important buildings that are housed in it. From places to visit in Jaipur, Amber Fort is another spectacular tourist place. The fort has a royal palace that portrays a merge of Hindu and Muslim architecture and it also depicts the lifestyle of the Rajputs.

Hawa Mahal is another one from Jaipur places to visit. This palace has honeycombed hive architecture and is built of red and pink sandstones. Jal Mahal and Jantar Mantar are two other Jaipur tourist places that you must visit.

Food and Shopping in Jaipur

Apart from places to see in Jaipur, there is lots of other entertainment to catch up in Jaipur. A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without munching on the local Rajasthani cuisine. Dal Bati Churma, Ghewar, Kalakand and Bajre Ki Khichri are some of the famous dishes of Jaipur. Things to do in Jaipur include a visit to Choki Dhani- a place where you can enjoy food along with the vibrant culture of Rajasthan.

Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, Tripolia Bazaar and Chaura Rasta are some of the famous markets where you will find everything from lehengas to handicrafts to bangles and pottery. Jaipur tour is incomplete without raiding and shopping from these markets.

Accommodation in Jaipur

For transport options and figuring out how to reach Jaipur, one can opt for going by road, by flight, by bus or by train. For accommodation, one can choose to stay in budget hotels, resorts, guest houses or luxury hotels. There is no shortage of accommodation here in Jaipur. Keeping the entire list of Jaipur sightseeing in mind, plan an itinerary, book one of the hotels in Jaipur well in advance and take off to this Pink City!

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