Vrindavan Taxi

How To Reach Vrindavan by taxi

Most of the people prefer road transportation in order to reach Vrindavan because the road trip brings them an amazing experience. There are different transport facilities to visit Vrindavan, so you can easily pick the best and joyful one like private taxis. This affordable and comfortable transport mode allows you to reach Vrindavan by road in a safe manner. There are many private taxi services available from Delhi to Vrindavan. Vrindavan is well connected by road to Jaipur, Haridwar and Agra, so you can reach Vrindavan by cab. Taking the cab is really a convenient mode to reach this location from Delhi if you are a family along with children.

Travelling by car or taxi is the most comfortable and fastest way to reach the desired location on time. In addition, it also allows you to discover the sightseeing in Vrindavan without any hassles. In order to obtain the benefits, you can select the reliable Vrindavan car rental service. The most affordable and excellent transport option helps you to reach Vrindavan by road safely. If you wish to know more about how to reach Vrindavan by road, you can prefer the best platform which helps you to get it easily and choose the affordable hotels in Vrindavan.

Reaching Vrindavan from popular city

Approx. prices for taxi booking

  • Luxury

    Honda Accord
    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 2750 - 16000
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 4750 - 16000
    Extra Hour: Rs. 475 - 1600
    Extra km: Rs. 47 - 160
  • MidSize

    Ford Ikon Ac
    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 850 - 1250
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 1500 - 2050
    Extra Hour: Rs. 125 - 160
    Extra km: Rs. 15 - 18
  • Budget

    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 650 - 900
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 1100 - 1500
    Extra Hour: Rs. 75 - 90
    Extra km: Rs. 9 - 12
  • Premium

    Honda City
    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 1000 - 2625
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 1800 - 3750
    Extra Hour: Rs. 175 - 325
    Extra km: Rs. 18 - 30
  • SUV/Van

    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 1000 - 2250
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 1750 - 4500
    Extra Hour: Rs. 150 - 450
    Extra km: Rs. 12 - 35
  • Group travel

    Tempo Traveller
    4hrs 40kms: Rs. 1500 - 1500
    8hrs 80kms: Rs. 2750 - 2750
    Extra Hour: Rs. 250 - 250
    Extra km: Rs. 19 - 19