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How To Reach Tawang by bus

Bus to Tawang are frequent from Bomdila. The journey does not take a lot of time and one can enjoy the scenery along the way. The Tawang bus stand is in the city centre and there are several hotels around the bus stand that you could choose to stay in. If you are wondering how to reach Tawang by bus, there are several options for buses available online. Tawang city bus ticket bookings can be done like this easily via the internet. This makes planning out your journey very easy.

Tawang visit by bus or Tawang trip by bus is also possible by taking a bus from the famous city of Guwahati. Since Guwahati is a bigger city, there are are more frequent buses. The bus will stop at Bomdila and then head on to Tawang. This journey has the same time as well. Tawang bus tickets are available almost any time. But during the summer months between July to October, make sure you book Tawang bus tickets in advance. There are a lot of things to do in Tawang and plenty of hotels to stay in Tawang for the discerning traveller.

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