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Mohammad nair Aalam

Mohammad nair, Jammu,
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Comfortable seats and on time departure

Aug 14, 2015
Mode of Transport: Bus

Great bus service, on time departure with little to no disruptions on part of the staff. Comfortable seats with head rests in the bus. I would suggesting choosing A/C if it's summer. It was night time so I mostly slept along the way, just didn't want to reach Delhi feeling sleepy all day. Made our halt at a good food station. I wasn't hungry so I didn't have anything to eat there, but everything else seemed fine. Reached Delhi at about 7 in the morning, half an hour early before the due arrival time. Thanked them for their service and moved on.

    • Bus Type:
    • Non-AC
    • This bus has:
    • TV/Entertainment
    • Comfortable seats
    • Newspaper
    • Reading Light

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