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Shalini Tiwari

Shalini, Bangalore,
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A pleasant surprise, UPRTC volvo is awesome

Aug 5, 2015
Mode of Transport: Bus

I have travelled a lot via Volvo but the UPRTC volvo between Delhi and Agra totally surprised me and in a good way. The bus starts from Sarai Kale khan to ISBT, Agra. Apart from good leg space what actually is good is the wi-fi in the bus. They have a tie up with pressplay and this app is accessible in the bus via their own wi-fi. The library has music, movies and some shows. Never a bus ride was so good.

    • Bus Type:
    • A/C
    • This bus has:
    • Comfortable seats
    • Wifi
    • Water Bottle
    • Charging Point

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