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How To Reach Ajanta & Ellora by bus

Ajanta and Ellora, one of the most popular world heritages is located in Aurangabad District of Maharashtra. If you want to explore the architectural wonder of this heritage site, then you can look for Ajanta Ellora bus ticket bookings. While Ellora to Aurangabad is 30 km, the distance between Aurangabad and Ajanta is 99 km. Aurangabad, which is one of the major cities of Maharashtra has higher connectivity to other cities. Once you have reached Aurangabad, you can take buses to reach Ajanta Ellora bus stand. Many people wonder how to reach Ajanta Ellora by bus but after arriving, you can immerse yourself into sightseeing in Ajanta Ellora.

There are many state buses that run from Pune, Shirdi, Nasik, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. to Aurangabad. On reaching here, you can enjoy Ajanta Ellora trip by bus. As this is one of the most popular travel destinations, you should book Ajanta Ellora bus tickets in advance. Even the prices of Ajanta Ellora bus tickets will be affordable and make it really worth to enjoy Ajanta Ellora visit by bus within your budget. Besides booking a bus to Ajanta Ellora, you should also reserve rooms in one of the reputes hotels in Ajanta Ellora to stay luxuriously.

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