Beach Destinations in India

The concept of 'Blue space' is something that has been increasingly recognised as a means to relieve stress. Should this be the one reason as to why you need to plan a vacation at a beachfront property? By choosing to vacation by the beach you get to satisfy the holiday requirements of all the members of your family. 

135 Beach destinations to visit in India

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ranked 2 of 36 City destinations
5.9 / 7

38753 Ratings & 691 Reviews

770 sightseeings
Mumbai is a fantastic city, full of drama and contradictions. I... More »

Rakesh jangra , Jind , Today

Calangute, Goa

Ranked 1 of 135 Beach destinations
5.8 / 7

26906 Ratings & 639 Reviews

10 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Single
Calangute is right in the centre of North Goa wherefrom all other... More »

SAMEER VALIA , 3 weeks ago

Kochi (Cochin), Kerala

Ranked 2 of 135 Beach destinations
5.7 / 7

23106 Ratings & 346 Reviews

51 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Family
Hi . I'm a native of Kochi. Hence writing about Kochi is always... More »

Sureshbabu Kumaroth , Kochi , 3 weeks ago

Digha, West Bengal

Ranked 3 of 135 Beach destinations
5.6 / 7

12058 Ratings & 349 Reviews

12 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Single
This place in Midnapore is the most visited one throughout the... More »

Sumit Sen , Bangalore , 2 months ago

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Ranked 6 of 36 City destinations
5.8 / 7

23830 Ratings & 416 Reviews

47 sightseeings
Awesome place to enjoy weekend in beach. Are k beach is awesome... More »

Ravikant Thawait , 3 months ago

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Ranked 4 of 135 Beach destinations
5.8 / 7

18652 Ratings & 416 Reviews

30 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Family
There are many hotel and restaurant at the area. Many temples and... More »

Moix Husain , Delhi , 2 months ago

Mandarmani, West Bengal

Ranked 5 of 135 Beach destinations
5.7 / 7

9027 Ratings & 249 Reviews

3 sightseeings
Mandarmani beach is definitely the best beach in West Bengal. It is... More »

Ananta Birja Sen , 1 month ago

Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar

Ranked 6 of 135 Beach destinations
5.8 / 7

12692 Ratings & 393 Reviews

43 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Family

Adil AR , Lucknow , 2 months ago

Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerala

Ranked 1 of 67 Waterfront destinations
5.8 / 7

10116 Ratings & 354 Reviews

24 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Family
An amazing experience never before. You'll get a feeling as that of... More »

Kartik Bansal , Mumbai , 2 months ago

Kovalam, Kerala

Ranked 7 of 135 Beach destinations
5.9 / 7

10621 Ratings & 192 Reviews

19 sightseeings
Preferred by: Couple, Family
This is the best beach in india according to me. It consists of... More »

Moix Husain , Delhi , 2 months ago

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Top Beach Destinations in India

Beach resorts provide the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy separately, but also together for wholesome family fun. So where do you go to enjoy this wholesome fun? India has a long coastline and hundreds upon hundreds of beaches and it will be difficult to describe every single one of them. Through this space, we hope to give you an idea of the possible destinations for you and your family. 

Kovalam Beach, Chennai

Kovalam in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most beautiful seafront properties in India and is one of the best beach destinations in India. Formerly known as Covelong, this little fishing village changes hands from the Dutch to the French to finally the English. The Dutch fort is the present day Vivanta Taj, Fishermen's Cove resort  where you can enjoy the waves if you are a surfer or you can learn how to surf courtesy. You can also go shallow sea diving with the fishermen who provide you with proper life jackets. About 20 km south of Covelong, is another famous seafront destination called Mahabalipuram or Mamallapuram as it is known now. This town was an ancient seaport used predominantly during the Pallava reign as evidenced by all the beautiful sculptures and rock temples present all over the town. A beautiful, laid-back town with more foreigners than locals and welcoming locals who make you feel at home, this town is your quintessential retreat from everyday stress. There are a number of resorts in this town, both upscale and affordable lodgings, easily available to visitors.


Puducherry, formerly named Pondicherry, was a French settlement town located approximately 170 km from Chennai. Puducherry or 'Pondy' as it is fondly known, is a union territory and famous for its French Quarter, locally referred to as 'white town', with it is French colonial architecture, mustard and white coloured buildings, cobbled roads and its beaches. The promenade beach (rocky beach), Auroville beach and serenity beach are the main tourist spots in Pondy. The Auroville township is located north of Puducherry. Visitors to Auroville can stay, can participate in workshops conducted or volunteer to work on Auroville farms, all in an effort to des tress and move closer to nature.


Goa lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is bordered on the east by tropical evergreen forest. The architecture of city is reminiscent of the Portuguese heritage. The city has a plenitude of beaches and some of them are considered to be the best beaches in India. Goa is also a popular honeymoon beach destinations. The Anjuna beach is renown for its history with hippies; with most of the having moved to the Arambol beach. The Arambol beach is ideal if you are looking for alternate therapies such as yoga retreats, taichi, reiki, water sports, dolphin sight-seeing trips and a happening night life. Baga and Calangute beaches are the busiest beaches with well-developed commercial centres. If you are looking for a quiet spot just to relax, ride the waves and swim with dolphins, Benaulim is the site for you. For those of you who are budget-conscious, the tourist friendly Colva beach awaits you.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands is home to some of the most pristine beaches in the country. Radhanagar beach on Havelock Island was voted the 7th beat beach in Asia, which makes it arguably the best beach in India. This idyllic beach, on the contrary to its reputation, remains quite empty and if you are the kind of person who enjoys white stands, azure blue waters and solitude, Radhanagar beach is the place to be. Ross and Smith Islands Beach is unique in that the twin islands are joined together by a natural sandbar which enables you to walk from one island to the other. Just being on these remote beaches with the clear blue waters reaching out to the horizon and deep green of the tropical forests as the back drop will make you want to stop time flowing by.