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The distance between Panvel and Pune, is almost 120 km and it takes almost three hours, to reach Pune from Panvel. There are many trains, comfortable buses and taxis, the ebst way to reach Pune, is by driving by yourself along the well laid roads . Take the NH - 4 to come out of the town and then, continue driving on it to reach Pune in no time. The road is mostly traffic free, but it is advised to avoid driving fast at night, as the route is very accident prone.

Transport options from Panvel to Pune

Panvel to Pune By Car: Hire a cab or take a car to drive down to Pune from Panvel, which takes around 3 hours. The cost of cab ranges from INR7 to INR24 per kilometre, depending upon the type of car. Ideal for seniors, families with kids and group travellers.

Panvel to Pune By Bus: Take a bus from Panvel to Pune, which takes about 3 hours. Pune Bus Stand is located at a distance of around 2 km from the city centre and can be reached by cab, bus or auto-rickshaw. Travelling by bus is economical and recommended for individual travellers and youngsters.

Panvel to Pune By Train: Take a train from Panvel to Pune that takes around 3 hours. Pune Railway Station is located at a distance of 3 km from the city centre and can be reached by bus, cab or auto-rickshaw. Train is suitable for travelling in groups and with families.

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Soumo Chotto

Soumo, Mumbai,
5 Reviews | 2 Views

The seating was very open and airy, excellent view

Jul 28, 2015
Mode of Transport: Train

This train is on time! We drove down to Panvel Station and this train was in before time. As we entered the train, it was clean, uncrowded and very inviting. The seating was very open and airy. My better half feels claustrophobic in closed quarters, but this was just right. We settled in our seats as the train started to move.

We slipped out of Panvel at 9.20. The view was excellent - shades of green and brown and water flowing till the brim of the rivers. We passed Chouk and as we moved out of Karjat, jaws dropped all around as the train pushed its way up the magnificient Khandala-Lonavala mountains. Grand waterfalls and deep valleys had everybody peeping out of windows and doors. Clouds hid the mountain tops to dramatically reveal an expanse of green. It was just divine.

Racing through the plains after Lonavala, we entered Pune right on time. The exciting journey was over in the train, but continued in our minds as we relived the vision and replayed the views.

A must try journey in the monsoons. And the bonus, no one came to check our tickets too.

    • Tickets booked:
    • Tatkal
    • This train has:
    • Veg. Food
    • On-time
    • Clean toilets
    • This station has
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    • Medical facility
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase
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    • Books/Newspaper to buy
    • Medical facility

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