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Murudeshwara is situated at a distance of 163 km from Mangalore. Named after an ancient temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Shiva, Murudeshwara is well connected to Mangalore by road and train. However, the best way to reach Murudeshwara from Mangalore is by train, a journey which takes close to 2 hours 51 minutes. There are various trains that connect Murudeshwara to Mangalore but the best option is the Madgoan Passenger, which runs daily. The train leaves from Mangalore Junction at 6:32 am and reaches Murudeshwara by 9:23 pm. Murudeshwara Railway Station is situated at a distance of around 3 km from the city centre. Several ATMs and stalls selling food and books are available on the railway stations that fall on the way. The stations are also provided with facilities such as waiting rooms, washrooms and restaurants.

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Mangalore to Murudeshwara By Train: Take the Madgoan Passenger and reach Murudeshwara from Mangalore in 2 hours 51 minutes. The basic fare of this train is around INR 46. Railway station at Murudeshwara is situated at a distance of around 3 km from the city centre. This mode is ideal for youngsters and backpackers as well as families.

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Vikram rao

Vikram rao,
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Excellent roads, foodies and hotels, we passed Maravathe beach

Oct 18, 2013
Mode of Transport: Car

Superb long drive in the highway. Excellent roads, foodies and hotels. Best experience is that we pass through Maravanthe beach side which rest near the highway. Some dynamic places to visit on the way to rns residency. A person travelling will fulfill his dream what he expect in the journey. I enjoy a terrific long drive.

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    • Hatchback
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