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Travelling from Kolkata to Bakkhali -

There are many modes to travel to Bakkhali from Kolkata. If you want to know how to reach Bakkhali from Kolkata, here are some of the best options:

By Bus – One needs to cover a distance of 125 km to travel to Bakkhali from Kolkata. Travellers can get into any one Kolkata to Bakkhali bus operated by the West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) which starts from Dharmatala in Kolkata at 7 am, 8 am and 2 pm, taking about 5 hours of travel time.

By Train – Kolkata to Bakkhali train starts from Kolkata Sealdah station and stops at Namkhana Station from which one needs to hire a van to Ferry Ghat alternated by van and bus journeys, all which take about 4 hours of journey time.

By Flight – There are no Kolkata to Bakkhali flights. As there are no airports in Bakkhali, Kolkata to Bakkhali flight travel is impossible.

By RoadKolkata to Bakkhali distance is only about 125 kilometres. This means that Kolkata to Bakkhali by road travel is very easy as the roads are very open and not congested at all. Travelling from Kolkata to Bakkhali by car takes just about 4 hours.

 Bakkhali – A Beach Haven

Bakkhali is a seaside resort making its strong presence felt in the South 24 Parganas district and is attached to the picturesque Indian state of West Bengal, with specific reference to the Sunderbans. One cannot miss but take notice of the numerous fishing nets that are cast by the local fishermen on the beach waters along with boat loads of dried fish being ferried to different places. 

Things to do in Bakkhali

As it is very close to Kolkata, there are many sightseeing in Bakkhali for visitors. Tourists and city dwellers look forward to the annual fair that is conducted at the Sagar Island on the Diamond Harbour of Bakkhali between 9th and 17th of January. The Diamond Harbour provides a host of enjoyable options to drive down until one reaches a deserted road after crossing Pailan. A visit to the fishing harbour at Frasergunj and Benfish should feature in the itinerary of this small locale to see the administrative offices of the State Government. The dilapidated remains of the ancient home of Sir Andrew Fraser at Frasergunj is must-visit destination.


Since it is close to Kolkata, there are many hotels in Bakkhali for tourists.Hotel Deepak opens its doors to guests planning a short stay in Bakkhali. Sahana Tourist Lodge is another option that can be availed by tourists for an affordable and comfortable stay. WBSTDC Guest houses and hotels at Henry Island are also patronised.

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Travelling tips from Kolkata to Bakkhali

Rahul Dalmia

Rahul, Kolkata,
3 Reviews | 6 Views

Nice and fun loving journey

Feb 25, 2016
Mode of Transport: Car

Our group had 15 members in it, we enjoyed each and every sight on the road, merrily singing through the whole journey we reached there.

There were dhabas we could halt and have refreshments and relax ourselves. The food in the dhabas are fresh and hygienic. Money too isn't so high. The weather was chilly and soothing a chilly wave was blowing and the water on the beach early morning was amazing we all loved it. It refreshes all your body and mind at the same time. A must visit.

    • Car Type:
    • SUV
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Clear Signages
    • Route Taken:
    • NH 117
Debashis Mondal

Debashis, Delhi,
3 Reviews | 17 Views

Train was crowded and not a better option to travel

Aug 28, 2015
Mode of Transport: Train

The train was crowded so much, that we had to stand for 3 hours continuously. It is better not to travel by train if you have family. Better to take bus directly. You can take your seating. Otherwise you have to get down at Namkhana Station then take van to ferry ghat then again van and then again bus for 45 min.

    • Tickets booked:
    • Tatkal
    • This station has
    • Food available for purchase
    • Books/Newspaper to buy
Debayan Bhowmik

Debayan, Kolkata,
160 Reviews | 9 Views

Smooth roads without much traffic

Aug 5, 2015
Mode of Transport: Car

It is best to start early in the morning by your own car. The Diamond Harbour road remains quite less claustrophobic and you can take it to reach Bakkhali within 3. 5 to 4 hours.

There are several dhabas on both sides of the road. We stopped at Chacha's after crossing Diamond Harbour station. The view from vessel on the Hatania-Doania river is also an awesome sight. Don't forget to take sunglasses and try to start early in the morning.

    • Car Type:
    • Sedan
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Accomodation
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Clear Signages
    • Route Taken:
    • SH 1 and NH 117
Priyam Guin

Priyam, Kolkata,
21 Reviews | 24 Views

A journey on excellent road

May 4, 2015
Mode of Transport: Car

Excellent Road NH117, beautiful view with trenches and all. Cross the Hatania Doania through ferry. Service, food, dhaba all are available at roadside.

    • Car Type:
    • Hatchback
    • This route has:
    • Petrol pumps
    • Accomodation
    • Food/Dhabas
    • Clear Signages
    • Route Taken:
    • NH 117
Suman Bhattacharjee

3 Reviews | 212 Views

Journey to Bakkhali with WBSTC Bus service

Feb 22, 2015
Mode of Transport: Bus

We went there by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) Bus. There were 3 buses from Dharmatala to direct Bakkhali. Timings are 7 am, 8 am and 2 pm and fare was Rs 90 per head. We went by the 2 pm bus. The bus service was good and the bus speed was very good. The allotted time for the journey was 5 hours from Dharmatala but they made it in 4.30 hrs. Bus took the national highway 117 which is great. The road was very good. We reached Bakkhali at 6.30 pm. We checked in at Hotel Amarabati. The journey was not comfortable because of the seats in the bus. They are fixed just like any other WBSTC Bus. We got very tired that day.

    • Bus Type:
    • Non-AC

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